Witch-in-Training: Witch Switch

This is the sixth book of the Witch-in-Training series. Witch Switch is an amusing story full of sudden unexpected surprises and twists. What else could one expect from a learner witch, or indeed a fully trained one! —Jessica is learning how to switch from one shape to another, which is great fun as long as everything goes according to plan, but it’s not that easy. There’s so much to remember and it’s so simple to forget the magic rules, especially the witch switch promise (don’t scream or you might turn into something you don’t want to be!).

The author incorporates all the ingredients for a good story with such ease it is a pleasure to read the book. She manages to fully portray the weird and wonderful characters as they are, while also grounding the story in reality by incorporating real-world characters.

She skilfully allows the story to twist and turn, holding the reader’s attention throughout.

Through the simplicity of the book’s illustrations, the main characters are clearly portrayed and the black and white pictures interspersed throughout the book hold the reader’s attention. This book is suitable for a competent reader as there are many zany and unusual words used. It is full of humour, emotion, fantasy and plenty of scary bits. It would be a pity for a reader who is not accomplished to miss out on this story. Perhaps having someone close at hand to help them with the more unusual words or if necessary read the book to them would be a good idea.

This book is suitable for readers aged 7 and up.