Wolf Hollow

Wolf Hollow is the story of how Annabelle *** learned how to lie. She has lived in Wolf Hollow all her life – the quietest of places, scarred by the trauma of two world wars. Annabelle understands her life and the way her world turns – until the arrival of Betty Glengarry. Betty is cruel and manipulative, a complete enigma. And when she disappears, suspicion falls on Toby, the gentle stranger who is a friend to Annabelle’s family. As Wolf Hollow turns against him, Annabelle struggles to protect Toby, and to find Betty before it’s too late, little realising that eventually she will have to choose between the freedom of a friend, and the life of an enemy.

By turns haunting, heartbreaking, and life-affirming, Wolf Hollow is a début of lyrical power and honesty. Utterly unforgettable, this is a book for the sensitive reader who revels in the nuances of language and who appreciates the truth of a sad story well told.

Wolk trusts her readers implicitly with the complex morality of Annabelle’s dilemma and in her heroine she has created a character as full of courage and compassion as she is of doubt and fear. This is an important book that confronts the ideas of truth, friendship and injustice and does not flinch. Highly recommended.