You Smell!

Clive Gifford strikes back again with the potent You Smell (and so does everything else) to entice not just the imagination but also the senses of any interested reader. This book is here to joyfully remind you: EVERYONE SMELLS! Gifford and Gamlen take a silly sniff at the serious science behind scents. Gifford’s funny word play will hook the reader from page to page and help them navigate the more scientific terms used.

You Smell is a wonderful book that introduces everyday science to young readers, yet we also wander into the history of smells. Within its packed pages we are treated to the funky facts of flora and fauna, and the many reeking royals we might not have heard of within our history books.

Gamlen’s schoolyard style of illustration is the perfect match for Gifford’s mischievous prose. The packed illustrations can be found on each and every page. Titles curve through jumping animals, next to arrows firing through fighting armies.

This book will help the reader have a greater participation too with its suggested smelly experiments, as it hopes to spark some interesting classroom experiments. After reading this book you won’t forget that you smell, and luckily you will have the science to explain that so does everyone else!