Alan O' Rourke

Book Cover: A Spooktacular Place to Be

A Spooktacular Place to Be

A Spooktacular Place to Be is Úna Woods’ follow up to her popular Have You Seen the Dublin Vampire from last year. In the book, the Dublin vampire (does he have a name?) and his bat friend journey around Ireland in search of spookier places to live than his Dublin park. They hit all the spooky and haunted destinations across the country such as Newgrange, St Michans church, Fastnet Lighthouse and others, but do any of them feel as homely as his spooky and familiar old tree?

Book Cover - Poison Ivy: Thorns

Poison Ivy: Thorns

DC Comics new Young Adult novels series looks at the teenage origin stories of various heroes and villains from across their wide range of properties. It is a great idea, combining being a teen with getting to grips with new superpowers or dark villainous urges.

Ivy is one of the villains from the world of Batman. In Thorns we get to read Ivy’s tragic origin story that sets her on the path to becoming Poison Ivy.

Book Cover - Bad Panda

Bad Panda

How can you be bad when you are just so adorably fluffy and cute? Well, Lin intends to find out. She plans on being bad, very bad. An absolute rotter of a panda. But things don’t exactly go to plan in this genuinely funny and heartfelt book written by Swapna Haddow, author of Dave Pigeon.

Book Cover - Hoakes Island

Hoakes Island

Henry Hoakes, the owner of Hoakes Island, has disappeared and the island is in danger of being knocked down and redeveloped into apartments if the current residents cannot find the property deeds. Thankfully, Henry left clues for Rita and the rest of the animal inhabitants to its whereabouts and your help is needed to solve them.

Book Cover - The Night Dragon

The Night Dragon

The Night Dragon is a tale about finding the courage to be who you are and do things your way.

Maud is not like the other dragons so she gets picked on and hides out in her cave with her friend Mouse. But when the dragons oversleep, it is up to Maud, with some encouragement from Mouse to fly out and save the day, or the night.

Book Cover - The Truth About Dinosaurs

The Truth About Dinosaurs

How do you pitch yet another dinosaur fact book? How about with a cheeky chicken trying to convince you it is a dinosaur, complete with documentary evidence of family albums dating back a few million years? Or the discovery that the dinosaur Gallus Gallus Domesticus is still alive and walking among us?

Book Cover - The New Neighbours

The New Neighbours

A gloriously on-point book about judging people for imagined differences before you even meet them.

New neighbours have moved into the tower block. The bunnies are super excited, but what will the other residents think? As the residents descend the stairs, gathering old neighbours with them, they also descend into imagined horrors, fears, rumours, Chinese whispers and (cough) fake news. Not a phrase I thought I would be using in a picturebook review.

Book Cover - Grobblechops


Amir is worried about a monster under the bed. His dad can’t help him because the Monster might bring his own dad. His mum might fight him off, but what if the monster’s mum shows up?

A modern retelling of a tale from Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet, scholar, and Sufi mystic, this is probably my favourite version of the monster under the bed story.

Book Cover - Odd Science: Incredible Creatures

Odd Science: Incredible Creatures

Creatures really are incredible, and maybe a bit odd. Like the penguins in Antarctica who propose with shiny rocks, or the Cockatoo birds in Australia that make their own drumsticks and jam with their musical mates. These Cockatoos would probably love to hang out with the Sharks who love Death Metal music.

Book Cover - Monkey on the Run

Monkey On The Run

I must warn you before you start. This review is going to be gushing.

Leo Timmers has been producing picturebooks from Belgium for over nine years and I am ashamed to say this is the first I’ve read of his. But first to the story, which is all told wordlessly.