Alison Da Silva

Book Cover - Santarella


Come on a Christmas adventure as Cinderella meets Santa Claus in this twist on the classic fairytale. Left at home to do chores as her sisters’ head to the prince’s ball, Cinderella comes face to face with Santa as he falls down the chimney and hurts his back. It’s Cinderella to the rescue, helping Santa deliver all the toys on Christmas Eve. But as Santa drops her off at the palace at the end of the night, Cinderella decides she wants to see the world instead.

Book Cover - Bunnies in A Sleigh

Bunnies in a Sleigh

Christmas goes absolutely bonkers in this third instalment in the Bunnies series. The elves have eaten too much sugar and have a tummy ache, so the bunnies hop on board the sleigh to help Santa with his deliveries. Of course, the bunnies cause even more havoc and hilarity as Santa tries to complete his deliveries – they get stuck in chimneys, stuck in snow, stuffed in stockings – the mayhem is seemingly unending!

Book Cover - Lilly and Myles - The Torch

Lilly and Myles: The Torch

Lilly and Myles are spending the holidays with her Grandma at the seaside. As they venture out exploring, with Grandma close behind, we experience the sights, sounds and feelings with Lilly through rich, descriptive language and changing textures in the illustrations. The addition of stitched fabric to the illustrations is really effective in making the landscape feel unfamiliar as Lilly explores further from Grandma’s house.