Aoife Kerr

Book cover - Penelope Snoop Ace Detective

Penelope Snoop Ace Detective

Penelope Snoop has a new case. Her favourite toy, Sidney the Smelly Sock Snake, has disappeared. Along with Carlos the dog, she sets out to uncover the mystery and begins the search which will take her to outer space.

Book Cover - How to Be Brave

How to Be Brave

Calla North and her mother Elizabeth live a quiet but happy life together. Elizabeth happens to be the world’s leading expert on ducks—but unfortunately, being an expert on ducks doesn’t always pay the bills. When she is offered a well-paid research trip to the Amazon, it’s an opportunity too good to miss. Calla winds up at boarding school thinking no adventures are likely to find her there … until news arrives that her mother’s plane has gone missing. Can Calla, her friends, and a motley crew of nuns defeat an evil headmistress and find Elizabeth before it’s too late?