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Book Cover - The Repair Shop Craft Book

The Repair Shop Craft Book: Over 30 Creative Crafts for Children

Whether it's a cute teddy, a homemade bird feeder, or a beautiful card on some handmade marbled paper, there is a project to suit any group or adventurous solo crafter. The projects chosen by the Repair Shop experts have clever tips and extra ideas that will add creativity and imaginative flair to your crafting sessions.

A Demon's Touch Cover Image

A Demon's Touch

If you are a lover of history and adventure, this is a fantastic read, the finale of a trilogy set in the late Tudor era of the 16th Century that has taken the reader on a thrilling ride from the sweep of the Ottoman Empire to Syria, Jerusalem, and Elizabethan England.

Book Cover - Memory Superpowers

Memory Superpowers!

Mnemonics, or memory tricks, are strategies designed to help improve our memory using primarily visual or listening cues and rhymes. They emphasise the use of key words, acronyms, visuals and expressions to equip us to learn by association, taking what is unfamiliar and linking it to a familiar picture in our own world. Readers can use this fabulous book to create a personal Memory Palace to store information in their brains.