Cethan Leahy

Book Cover - The Chaos of Now

The Chaos of Now

Eli Bennet is stuck. An expert coder, he has been blackmailed to create a website to bring justice for Jordan Bishop, an unpopular kid who killed himself. Using a host of illegally gained footage, the website is exposing the hypocrisy of high school, but at what cost?

Book Cover - Endling: The Last

Endling: The Last

Byx’s life has gone in an unexpected direction. His family has just been murdered, he is left to wander in a strange land with even stranger company and he is about to be caught up in the nefarious politics of humans.

Book Cover - The Dog Who Saved the World

The Dog Who Saved the World

Can you imagine a world without dogs? Thanks to a canine-specific plague, poor Georgie is about to experience it firsthand. Can she find a way to stop it, with the help of her best friend Ramzy, the mysterious Dr. Pretorius and her beloved pet Mr. Mash?

Book Cover - Corpse Talk: Groundbreaking Rebels

Corpse Talk: Groundbreaking Rebels

Would you like to meet such famous people from history as George Washington, Frida Kahlo and William Wallace? Of course, the main obstacle is the fact that they are all dead. However, that’s a mere formality in this entertaining history comic where notable figures from the past rise from the grave to be interviewed by a cheery presenter.

Book Cover - Rose, Interrupted

Rose, Interrupted

Rose and her younger brother Rudder are ‘decommissioning’. This means they are adjusting to life not being Pilgrims, a hardline Christian community of which their family were members until a mysterious accident. However, they are finding the real world filled with more challenges than expected. Things were going okay until an explicit photo sent to Rudder’s phone suddenly threatens their new lives.

Book Cover - The List of Things That Will Not Change

The List of Things That Will Not Change

Bea’s life is transforming all around her and it’s proving impossible for her to keep her bearings. Her parents have divorced after her father coming out and now he is getting remarried. She’s happy for him and is looking forward to the wedding yet she can’t help but worry about … everything, really. Homophobic uncles, new step-sisters, mean girls at school – she has a lot going on.

Book Cover - Mina and the Undead

Mina and the Undead

The year is roughly 1994 and a series of gory murders is terrorising New Orleans. What is interesting is that these deaths seem to tend towards a slightly vampiric nature. Will the aptly named Mina, a recent blow-in from England, be able to figure what’s going on and stop the killer before they strike again?

Book Cover - Beyond Platform 13

Beyond Platform 13

Nine years after the events of Eva Ibbotson’s much loved The Secret of Platform 13, the Island of Mist is under attack by Harpies and the witch Odge is on a quest to find the only one who can save them. Unfortunately, she finds the wrong person, Lina, a human girl from Vienna. But one must make do with what one’s got …

Book Cover - The Cloud Horse Chronicles: Guardians of Magic

The Cloud Horse Chronicles: Guardians of Magic

Unbeknownst to them or each other, three kids, Zam, Phoebe and Bathsheba, are about to enter a war in a world where magic is banned and the streets are ruled by ruthless tin men, slowly chopping down every tree in the land. At the centre of the conflict is the Forever Tree, and it is up to them to protect it.

Book Cover - Mythologica


Do you know your minotaur from your cyclops? Can you tell the difference between Cassandra and Narcissus? If not, this may be the book for you, a lovingly compiled encyclopaedia of Greek mythology, complete with unique illustrations by Victoria Topping.