Ciara O'Hara

Book Cover - What's Scarier than a Shark?

What’s Scarier than a Shark?

Fun and interactive with flaps that deliver plenty of comedy and drama, What's Scarier than a Shark? is an irresistible board book that’s guaranteed to get little readers excited about books. We’re introduced to a series of oceanic predators who appear to be about to catch their next meal, until the even more ferocious creatures lurking behind each flap are revealed.

Book Cover - Special Delivery - A Book's Journey Around the World

Special Delivery: A Book's Journey Around the World

Here's a stunning book for anyone who has ever been curious about where their books have been before they arrived in their hands! Special Delivery takes readers on a fascinating tour behind the scenes of the publishing world. It guides us through every single step from publication to when a book reaches a shop and includes all the people involved in its voyage from factory to bookshelf.

Book Cover - Let's Make Friends

Let's Make Friends

Let’s Make Friends is a delightfully cheerful boardbook that celebrates diversity as well as our relationships with others. Lyrical prose by Leah Osakwe, accompanied by Becky Paige’s bright, engaging artwork, takes us through a variety of scenarios that demonstrate the benefits and impact of friendship. With gentle text that comes to life against snowy landscapes, exotic forests, glittering galaxies, sunny seasides and domestic settings, there is something to inspire and connect with for all children.

Book Cover - The Little Otter Who Tried

The Little Otter Who Tried

Little Otter loves watching her siblings glide through the water and longs to join them. Despite how enthusiastic she is, her first swimming lesson unfortunately does not go well. Shaken but determined to try again, Little Otter paddles along a shallow stream, meeting many friends who offer guidance and encouragement. With their help, and the support of Mummy Otter, Little Otter realises that making mistakes is how we learn and begins to trust herself.

The Midnight Panther - book cover

The Midnight Panther

Dedicated to everyone who “was made to feel different”, The Midnight Panther is a striking celebration of innate beauty and strength, especially in those who have been marginalised. Lion, Tiger and Leopard don’t like Panther because he doesn’t look like them. They consider themselves superior and ostracise him on account of his appearance. The other cats deride Panther daily until he begins to believe their taunts and sets off in search of a sense of belonging, attempting to change along the way.

The Missing Piece - book cover

The Missing Piece

Making jigsaws is the only way Sunny can feel complete. When Gran gives her an extra-special jigsaw, it sends Sunny on a journey to find the last part of the puzzle. As Sunny explores Gran’s street and makes new friends, she realises she was missing more than a jigsaw piece.

Book cover - Blue Badger

Blue Badger

Poor Badger can’t decide if he’s black and white or white and black. To make matters worse, sitting on blueberries has turned his bottom blue. Determined to discover his true self, Badger asks his fellow black and white friends for help with his identity crisis.

Book Cover - The Royal Leap-Frog

The Royal Leap-Frog

In this exquisite retelling of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Leaping Match, a flea, a grasshopper and a frog compete to see who can jump the highest. The ensuing chaos is hilarious, while wit proves the ultimate winner. Narrated through a masterful rhyming text that bounces along as energetically as its characters, The Royal Leap-Frog is an absolute delight to read aloud.