Daisy Drohan

Book Cover - Ellie and the Fairy Door

Ellie and the Fairy Door

After losing her very first tooth, Ellie places it beneath her pillow. But that night, Ellie soon finds a real fairy door in her bedroom, and meets Sean the leprechaun, who has had his crock of gold stolen. Ellie is suddenly shrunken down and whooshed into fairyland, where she finds Tooth Fairy Willow and her magical house. The trio embark on an adventure to recover the crock of gold from the thieving magpie, and it is only with Ellie’s help and kindness that the gold can be retrieved.

Book Cover - Gotta Go!

Gotta Go!

This story follows young Owen as he embarks to Grampa’s, but too fascinated by the ‘doinks’ and ‘splats’ of his tablet, he ignores his mother’s incessant questions about using the bathroom before departing. Whilst in the car however, that all too familiar feeling strikes him. His eyes turn yellow before he exclaims to Mum that he’s ‘gotta go!’ Soon, Mum is teaching Owen how to distract his desperate-for-the-loo mind by thinking of other things, and he makes it just in time to hurry up the stairs, before we are given a close-up of his face as he lets out an ‘Ahhh…’

Birdsong - book cover


Birdsong by Katya Balen truly offers a treat for all readers lucky enough to follow the story of our young protagonist Annie, as she is thrust suddenly into a life unknown. We meet Annie as she moves from her home to a new flat in the suburban jungle, as she and her mother recover from a car crash that recently threw their lives into turbulence.