Dr Jade Dillon

Book Cover - The Secret Lives of Mermaids

The Secret Lives of Mermaids

Anja Sušanj takes us on a very special journey in The Secret Lives of Mermaids through the narrative voice of Professor Anuk Tola, a merologist at the School of Merology. The book explores the biological evolution and social experiences of Merpeople in an informative and vibrant way. Sušanj frames the story as an encyclopaedia which introduces the history of Merpeople to young readers; we learn about the varying tribes of Merpeople including the Rozali of the Atlantic, the Nayarad of the Pacific, the Ambara of the Arctic Ocean, the Kinman of the Indian Ocean and Freshwater Merpeople.

Book Cover - Climate Action

Climate Action

Climate Action is a captivating and instructive picturebook; Georgina Stevens and Katie Rewse provide factual information on climate change through a mindscape of colour and illustration. Environmentalist and climate activist Elizabeth Wathuti provides a detailed foreword, noting the urgency of taking action against climate change. The book is divided into four carefully crafted sections: Causes, Effect, Our Part, and Inspiration.

Book Cover - Escape


Escape is a beautifully haunting picturebook that illustrates the plight
of individuals forced to flee their homes and families because of socio-cultural upheaval. Ming and Wah Chen tell twelve stories that document the movement of people, spanning Syria to Greece, Austria to China, Scotland to France, Kiribati
to New Zealand, and many more. These stories allow for historical and geographical perspectives but reinforce positive outcomes. Ming and Wah cleverly use action verbs as chapter headings to signify the experiences of the individuals. In the opening page of the picturebook,