Eibhlín Cassidy

Book Cover - The Shadows of Rookhaven

The Shadows of Rookhaven

The Monsters of Rookhaven won the 2021 KPMG Children’s Books Ireland Honour Award for Fiction. The Shadows of Rookhaven is a well-crafted sequel that explores themes of family, belonging, loss, and difference. We first meet Billy in the human world where, as a misbegotten, he is an outcast. He lives with the Catchpoles, who are not human, and he has taken Meg, another outcast, under his wing. When this unlikely family unit is captured, and Meg’s safety is threatened, Billy agrees to their captors’ demands so that he can save her.

Book Cover - Escape from Camp Boring

Escape from Camp Boring

In Escape From Camp Boring, Tom Mitchell presents a new take on the classic prison break story. The prison in question is a camp for rewilding kids addicted to technology, and the escapees are four kids whose parents have decided they need to disconnect from their gadgets and reconnect with the world. The last place narrator Will wants to his spend midterm break is the Lonesome Pine Rewild Your Child Camp. When he realises that he has smuggled in a device that his brother on the outsdie needs urgently, the scene is set for a camp escape.

Book Cover - We Planted a Pumpkin

We Planted a Pumpkin

Ramsden’s picturebook is sure to delight young readers as they get drawn into the excitement and drama of pumpkin growing. He cleverly takes us through the stages of planting and growing as we learn about the need for water, sunlight and a dash of patience! Learning through story is fun for young children and this book shares a lot of information without making the story hard work.

Book Cover - Finn's First Song

Finn's First Song

Finn’s First Song is a real treat for young readers. The vivid illustrations pull the reader in to Finn’s ocean home from the get go and the text is paced well to allow children to enjoy the underwater scenes as they travel with Finn on his journey to Ireland.

Book Cover - Influence


In this story about the world of teen influencers, nothing is quite what it seems. Once the glitter and gloss are peeled away, we see characters who are dealing with serious issues behind the scenes and away from the social media screens.