Emma K. McNamara

Book Cover - Little House

Little House

Ten-year-old Juno must spend her summer holidays with her grandfather while her parents work to provide aid in areas hit by disasters around the world. In her grandfather’s attic, she finds a ruined doll’s house, a doll family, and their furniture. Together with her woodworking grandfather, they repar the furniture and build a new house for the dolls. As Juno learns about carpentry, and finds joy in working with her hands, she realizes how hobbies can help lift one’s spirit.

The Upside Down River Cover Image

The Upside Down River: Tomek's Journey

Thirteen-year-old orphan Tomek runs a grocery store where, one day, a stranger girl comes into his shop asking for various items. She tells him she is looking for a magic river whose waters are eternal. Tomek develops a yearning to travel, and to bring some of the eternal water back for a beloved elderly man in his village.