Gabriely Pinto

Book Cover - You Better Watch Out

You Better Watch Out

Last year’s school Secret Santa ended in tragedy, so Eleri is understandably not looking forward to this year’s festivities. However, when strange daily gifts are left for her in the creepy abandoned building opposite her home, she is thrilled for the break in her dull routine. The possibility that the person behind this unusual Christmas countdown could be her crush, Ras, is exhilarating. But as the gifts get more and more sinister, Eleri is forced to wonder if they are connected to her friend Nina’s disappearance.

Book Cover - Bertie and the Alien Chicken

Bertie and the Alien Chicken

The last place Bertie wants to spend his holidays is at Long Bottom farm with his Uncle Brian. But Dad is busy with the new baby and Mom is off to America for work, so it’s not like he has much of a choice. Farm life takes an unexpected twist when he runs into a talking chicken! However, Nugget is not just a regular chicken, but an alien from Nurgle-7 with a very important mission. What is the most valuable resource on Earth? If Bertie and Nugget can’t find the answer before the day’s out, Earth may be doomed!

The Map of Leave Cover Image

The Map of Leaves

Orla Carson has closed herself off from the world when her Ma died. All she wants is to be left alone in her garden with her horse and the plants whose whispers she understands. But when a mysterious illness comes to the village of Thorn Creek and the blame is cast on nature and the wild, she must leave and embark on a journey in search of a cure. With only her Ma’s book of plants and remedies as a guide, she must begrudgingly team up with Idris and Ariana, who are hunting for the cure for their own reasons.

The Sky Over Rebecca Cover Image

The Sky Over Rebecca

Kara Lukas is lonely. In the atmospheric Swedish winter, she watches the frozen lake, watches the stars, and tries to uncover the mystery of a snow angel. Strange noises in the woods and inexplicable footprints lead her to Rebecca and her brother Samuel in their small isle hideout. The Jewish siblings are not only from another place, but another time. A bond of friendship forms across space and time as two lonely girls find each other.

Book Cover - Future Hero - Race to Fire Mountain

Future Hero: Race to Fire Mountain

The last thing eleven-year-old Jarell expected when visiting his cousin’s barbershop was to travel through a mirror into a magical world, just like the one in his drawings. In the land of Ulfrika, Jarell learns he is the heir of the legendary hero Kundi.

Book Cover - A Weather Weaver Adventure - A Gathering Storm

A Weather Weaver Adventure: A Gathering Storm

The Gathering is coming, an opportunity for weather weavers the world over to join in celebration and trading. However, a surprise visit from Velda, an icy and stern member of the council, presents a new challenge for weather-weaver-in-training Stella and her sentient cloud, Nimbus.