Katie Dickson

Kisses for Jet Cover Image

Kisses for Jet: A Coming-of-Gender Story

Kisses for Jet is a graphic novel set in the Netherlands in 1999. Jet, sixteen, is sent to live in a boarding house when their parents move abroad to (mysteriously) take care of the Millennium Bug.

Book Cover - What's the T?

What’s the T?

What’s the T? is a guide written primarily for trans, non-binary, and questioning teens and author Juno Dawson has also included a section specifically for parents and guardians. What’s great about this “Parents’ Section”, apart from the definitions of common LGBTQIA+ terms in everyday language, is that Dawson covers the questions she wishes her parents had asked her when she came out – and then answers them in generous, accessible, and economical language.

Book Cover - The Summer We Turned Green

The Summer We Turned Green

Thirteen-year-old Luke’s summer holidays are just beginning as he finds himself playing an active part in a drama he’d much rather just watch from the sidelines – or avoid altogether. His seventeen-year-old sister Rose has left the family home to join the environmentalist commune across the road. His parents are arguing all the time. The only person he can talk to is the quirky Sky who has moved to the commune with her mother.