Katie Macdonald

Book cover - The Littlest Elephant

The Littlest Elephant

Read’s The Littlest Elephant tells us the story of Ellie, the littlest elephant in her herd. Ellie has recently learned to swim and is eager to show off her new skills. On her way to the pool, her excitement takes over her senses and wreaks a little bit of havoc and is only brought to full awareness of her surroundings again just before a very bad potential accident!

Book cover - My Mum Is A Lioness

My Mum Is A Lioness

Haddow’s picturebook explores a young boy’s relationship with his lioness-like mother. The story takes us on a journey of his day-to-day life in the world of this loud and proud woman and her interactions with her son, their family and community. At first it would appear that the boy is a little bit afraid of his mum, but this turns out to be very far from the case. As things unfold it becomes clear why she takes on the form of a lioness in this young boy’s mind: she is fierce and brave and, most importantly, incredibly loving.