Laura O' Herlihy

Book Cover - Impossible Creatures

Impossible Creatures

Mal is a young girl who lives on the Archipelago; she’s fiercely determined and loves nothing more than using her flying coat to soar high into the skies. Mal’s surroundings initially seem fairly ordinary until we find out that this magical land is home to many fantastical creatures, and something is happening that threatens their very existence …

Book Cover - Baboo the Unusual Bee

Baboo the Unusual Bee

Baboo is an unusual bee; he has pink instead of yellow stripes. Baboo likes to dance and tries to make friends with some of the other bees in his hive but to no avail. After being cruelly rejected, Baboo goes off by himself where he finds another unusual insect and the two become friends and dance together. They’re having so much fun that the other insects gather around to watch, and they realise they’d like to be different too!

The Day I Got Trapped in My Brain - book cover

The Day I Got Trapped in My Brain

Frankie Finkleton’s world is a very busy one. She’s a typical eleven-year-old with a loving family and lots going on at school. Frankie also has a sideline as a very secret investigator and from time to time goes on adventures to an imaginary world called Thoughtopolis with her younger brother Fred and her dog Blue.

Book Cover - Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee

Amy Chelsea Stacie Dee

A young girl gets off a bus, just like hundreds of other young girls, but this one is different. Amy was abducted with her best friend six years ago and now she is making her way home.

Book Cover - Hole in the Middle

Hole in the Middle

This clever novel is an allegory about embracing your difference and just being yourself.

Morgan Stone is a regular teenager who lives with her best friend, her mother just happens to be a world famous fitness guru whose success is built on the idea of bodily perfection. Morgan has an unusual secret, though: a perfect hole in the middle of her body. She has spent the last seventeen years hiding her difference from everyone except her family and her closest friend.

Book Cover - The Crash

The Crash

A terrible accident serves as a catalyst to change the lives of a group of young people. Best friends Sophie and Tye are hanging out in front of the TV when a car crashes through the window and into the room. The accident leaves Tye in a coma and Sophie struggles to find a way to bring her friend back.

Book Cover - Nobody Real

Nobody Real

Marcie and Thor Baker are firm friends, but very different people. For one thing, Marcie lives in the real world and Thor is her imaginary friend. It’s the summer after her final exams and Marcie has some big decisions to make, and despite being sent away six years ago, her old pal Thor is back. But is it to help or hinder her?

Book Cover - Mariella Queen of the Skies

Mariella Queen of the Skies

Mariella is a talented inventor, the only problem is that something is interrupting her thinking and inventing time…

Eoin Colfer has created an engaging and witty story about the bane of every child’s existence – bedtime.

Book Cover - Spare and Found Parts

Spare and Found Parts

In a future Dublin devastated by an epidemic, Nell Crane is a girl with a lot to prove. Nell’s mother and father have both made excellent contributions to the society in which they live and now, as she nears adulthood, Nell must make a contribution of her own. Sarah Maria Griffin’s brilliant coming of age tale is packed with intriguing ideas and themes, and some excellent storytelling.

Book Cover - David Bowie (Little People, Big Dreams)

David Bowie (Little People, Big Dreams)

The Little People, Big Dreams series turns its attentions to one of the most iconic and chameleonic of rock icons – David Bowie. Ana Albero’s charming illustrations marry perfectly with Isabel Sánchez’s beautifully simple words.