Lindsay Quayle

Book Cover - All The Colours I See

All The Colours I See

The quickest of flicks through Allegra Agliardi’s journey through the rainbow and you know you’re in for a treat. From the simple, bold cover illustration, the technicolour endpapers and the intricate die-cut peepholes, All the Colours I See is a visual feast for children.

Book Cover - I Am: A Book About Feelings

I Am: A Book About Feelings

Picturebooks can be a wonderful tool for helping little people put into words the emotions they’re experiencing. In Alice Melvin’s latest board book for very young children, this is exactly what is achieved. From the ‘excitement’ of the opening page to the ‘tiredness’ at the last, the range of emotions explored is characteristic of almost every toddler who will share this book with their parents or carers.

Book Cover - The Pirate Mums

The Pirate Mums

Poor Billy wishes his family were a little more ordinary. His two mums – Mama and Mummy – are a bold, shanty-singing duo longing for adventure on the high seas! They are thrilled when the opportunity arises to set sail with their son on a class trip to the seaside ... but an embarrassed young Billy isn’t so sure.

Book Cover - Wiggles (TouchThinkLearn)

Wiggles (TouchThinkLearn)

‘Your little fingers wriggle, your little fingers wiggle. Your little fingers just want to dance!’ – what a perfect opening for this hands-on, multi-sensory book for little ones. Wiggles invites children and their grown-ups on a journey of exploration through the sense of touch, using their fingers to follow a series of die-cut dots, lines, spirals and squiggles.

Book Cover - Mountains of the World

Mountains of the World

How are mountains made? Does the Yeti exist? Who is the world’s most famous mountaineer? Get ready for the answers to these and many more questions in Dieter Braun’s stylish celebration of the world’s mountains. From the Alps to the Andes, Everest to Uluru, this comprehensive exploration of some of the highest places on Earth, the animals who inhabit them and the people impacted by them, is a real treasure.

Book Cover - What’s the Difference? 40+ Pairs of the Seemingly Similar

What’s the Difference? 40+ Pairs of the Seemingly Similar

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a bacteria and a virus? Or a tornado and a hurricane? As this highly inventive book sets out to prove, the difference lies very much in the detail.

Book Cover - What Does the Crocodile Say?

What Does the Crocodile Say?

There are plenty of picturebooks on the market that address the anxieties of little ones embarking on their first day of nursery. What sets What Does the Crocodile Say? apart from others is its focus on the sounds and noises that provide the backdrop to this momentous day.

Book Cover - Big Dog, Little Dog: Lift-the-Flap Opposites

Big Dog, Little Dog: Lift-the-Flap Opposites

Get ready to meet a whole host of cool new doggy friends in this playful lift-the-flap book of opposites for little ones! Bursting with graphic flair and clever paper craft, it’s a book that delivers just as much on style and creativity as it does on learning.

Book Cover - Mini Rabbit Not Lost

Mini Rabbit Not Lost

Like many of us, the small hero of John Bond’s début picturebook is partial to cake. But when Mother Rabbit’s plans to bake his favourite treat are thwarted by a lack of berries, Mini Rabbit heads off on an adventure of epic proportions in search of some.

Book Cover - Not Just a Book...

Not Just a Book…

We all know that books are more than words and ink. They have the power to transport young minds to faraway places and help those dealing with stress find a safe place away from it all. But on a more practical level, the talented pairing of Willis and Ross show us in their latest offering that books have endless other weird (and wonderful) uses!