Lisa Nic an Bhreithimh

Book Cover - What Do Animals Do All Day?

What Do Animals Do All Day?

A beautifully colourful and engaging book full of wonder and adventure! A particular treat for animal-lovers and explorers of the wild outdoors, this book will take the reader on an adventure through jungles, forests, oceans, the magical coral reef and many other uniquely mesmerising habitats.

Book Cover - Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles

Joan Procter, Dragon Doctor: The Woman Who Loved Reptiles

The perfect book for the young scientist in your life, this tells the story of the brave and bold Joan Procter, a pioneering female scientist who was the ‘reptile-whisperer’ of her time – a friend to lizards and crocodiles from a young age.

Book Cover - Quick, Barney, Run!

Quick, Barney, Run!

On a dark, dreary day, with their dad napping and their mum hard at work, an intrepid brother-sister team of explorers, Ruby-Roo and Barney, head off on a wonderous adventure in a cardboard aeroplane deep into the heart of the jungle, meeting animals of all shapes, sizes and colours along the way.

Book Cover - Oileán na nDraoithe

Oileán na nDraoithe

Seanscéal béaloidis é seo inste ag Proinsias Mac a’ Bhaird faoi thriúr drochdhraoi agus triúr naomh. Is iad Colm na gCos Mór, Duach Beag agus Beaglaoch Mór an triúr naomh agus cloiseann siad scéala faoi thriúr draoi atá ina gcónaí ar Oileán na nDraoithe ag déanamh an-dochar ag ithe páistí agus eile!

Book Cover - Twister


Twister is a fabulous rollercoaster ride of imagination and excitement. Its main protagonist, Twister, the book’s namesake, is a fiery and fun character who brings us on a magical adventure through forests and rivers on the hunt for her missing Pa. Accompanied by her trusty four-legged friend Point, Twister goes in search of Maymay, the only one who can help her find Pa and in turn bring happiness back to her broken-hearted Ma.