Lori Moriarty

Book Cover - The Silver Road

The Silver Road

Rosaleen Darke has enough on her plate; her beloved Mamó has passed away, her parents are working all hours, her old friends have left her behind and her new classmates are being less than friendly. Into all of this lands an ice giant who wordlessly entrusts her with a powerful (possibly evil) stone. Very quickly, Rose realises that there might have been a lot more truth to her Mamó’s old stories of magic than she had realised.

Book Cover - The President's Dog

The President's Dog

It’s a beautiful day and the President is excited to bring his new dog on their first hike together. Despite the warning of the President’s wife and the lovely start to the hike up the mountains, a storm quickly moves in and soon the President and his dog are stranded.

Book Cover - The Slug and the Snail

The Slug and the Snail

A pair of slug brothers travel the roads until their peace is interrupted by a crow who asks where their home is. Embarrassed, the younger slug makes himself a home he can carry on his back and starts to call himself a snail. The brothers grow apart until they meet with the crow once more and begin to realise how alike they are after all.

The Kiss - book cover

The Kiss

Tiger is sleepy. Crocodile is sleepy. Both animals just need their bedtime kiss and then they can rest. However, the animals they meet seem afraid of their sharp teeth and aren’t forthcoming with bedtime kisses. Just when both animals are about to cry at their predicament, a sharp-toothed shadow comes towards them.

Book Cover - Now We're Together

Now We’re Together: Adventures in Real Life

What happens when the power goes, and devices stop working? With no screens to distract them one parent and their child join hands and walk out into the night on an adventure to see the world in a new way.

All the Animals were Sleeping - book cover

All the Animals Were Sleeping

This lovely picture book follows a little mongoose as he crosses the plains of the Serengeti. With night falling, he makes his way back to his burrow while passing animals sleeping.

The Roar - book cover

The Roar

Tortoise is busy - places to go and rocks to climb - but after getting stuck upside-down, Tortoise’s frustration reaches boiling point and all Tortoise can do is shout in sheer exasperation. Not even a hug from Hedgehog will solve this problem. Luckily Owl is on hand with some wise words; “…to cheer someone up, you must try to understand what they are feeling”.