Marc Diamond

Wolves in Helicopters - book cover

Wolves in Helicopters

Hop has night terrors, filled with big, scary, hungry-eyed wolves. She knows they only live in her dreams but they still seem very real. Her mummy has some good advice, but will Hop be brave enough to take it?

They had me at the title, if I’m honest. Who could resist the idea of Wolves in helicopters?

Book Cover - The Crayons' Christmas

The Crayon's Christmas

Duncan and his Crayons are preparing for the festive season, writing cards, decorating the house and receiving gifts and messages from distant Crayon relatives.

Book Cover - The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

There’s always an expectation of a visual treat in store whenever you open a new book from Flying Eye and this beautiful and informative work of art is no exception. Pairing marine biologist Dr Helen Scales with the award-winning illustrator Lisk Feng, this book examines and highlights the world’s most famous reef in style and exhaustive detail.

Book Cover - The Loop

The Loop

Luka Kane is sentenced to die in the Loop, a torturous prison in a world governed by the technologically enhanced rich. This future society depends on an AI that issues harsh punishments to anyone who steps out of line. Luka can only postpone his execution by submitting to experimental and potentially dangerous ‘delays’, and escape is made impossible for all the young inmates by bombs that are surgically threaded through their hearts.