Maria O' Donovan

Book Cover - Polly Pecorino

Polly Pecorino

In this beautifully crafted story, we meet a brave and kind girl, Polly Pecorino, who is a constant rescuer of small animals. She lives in a small town called Abbeville and goes about her daily life in the usual way. Though Polly is depicted as an ordinary schoolgirl, there is something unusual about this extraordinary girl – she can talk to animals – and only her Uncle Stan and parents know about her gift. And so, the story unfolds.

Book Cover - The Vanishing Lake

The Vanishing Lake

The Vanishing Lake is a wonderful read for adults and children alike, as it is a journey of discovery. We experience this journey through the eyes of a little girl, Meara, and in the opening pages, we see what she sees as she travels through the beautiful, rolling countryside. The illustrations are richly textured and in themselves tell a story of the ever-changing beauty of the countryside.

Book Cover - Julian at the Wedding

Julian at the Wedding

Julian at the Wedding is a beautifully written and illustrated picturebook, full of warmth and heart, that explores love in all its forms. Love’s illustrations are vibrant and are cleverly composed to allow readers to see the different types of love at their level. The book celebrates individuality, acceptance and self-love. Every character is unique, and yet cherished.