Martina Boyle

Book Cover - Bird Boy

Bird Boy

Nature and its power to heal and connect are at the core of this sensitively told and hopeful story. Following his mother’s sudden death Will is brought from the city to the remote countryside to live with an uncle he has never met. His trauma and isolation are apparent from the outset – not knowing how to talk about his feelings Will counts in an effort to manage them. Will meets Omar, a young refugee, and we adventure with them as they discover an eyrie, rescue an osprey chick called Whitetip, and ultimately, rescue each other.

Cover - The Peter Rabbit Stories

The Peter Rabbit Stories

This hardback edition of the four Peter Rabbit stories is a lovely book to introduce a new generation to Peter, his family, and, of course, his arch-nemesis Mr McGregor. The quality of the publication with its colourful illustrations makes for a beautiful gift and will attract children and adults alike into sharing these classic stories and delighting in the rabbits’ antics, not least Peter’s skirmishes with Mr McGregor and his cat. While Currey’s illustrations have a more modern sensibility than Potter’s, they remain true to the originals and succeed in feeling both new and familiar.

Book Cover - Boy Giant

Boy Giant: Son of Gulliver

Cricket-loving Omar is an eleven-year-old refugee from Afghanistan and a hero readers will root for as he loses his family while escaping from his war-torn home country and finds himself in the land of Lilliput, building off of the story of Gulliver’s Travels. Luckily, the reader doesn’t have to have read Gulliver’s Travels to appreciate this big-hearted fantasy.