Michael O' Reilly

Book Cover - Just Like Everyone Else

Just Like Everyone Else

When you’re a tween all you want is to be ‘just like everyone else’, preferring not to stand out. This interesting coming-of-age story for older kids and teens explores this feeling, looking at issues such as identity, family, difference, and self-acceptance. The award-winning author Sarah Hagger-Holt,has twice been nominated for the Carnegie Medal and in her latest novel also deals sensitively with the topic of surrogacy.

Book Cover - The Elephant

The Elephant

A charming short novel about a resilient little girl who longs for her dad to break free from the elephant in the title, which is how she pictures his depression As Olive’s dad struggles to go to his work in the morning, she pictures the elephant always with him and as he comes home again, so does the elephant. Always there, always grey, heavy and silent, it casts a shadow of sadness over him.

Book Cover - Eugene the Architect

Eugene the Architect

Sometimes it’s good to bend, if not break the rules, as fussy architect Eugene learns in this delightful book about how the natural environment and the built environment can work together, to celebrate the imperfect perfection of nature.

Book Cover - Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder

Antarctica: A Continent of Wonder

The continent of Antarctica was first explored by Europeans only 200 years ago. For many years explorers, sailors, and scientists have been travelling to this destination, the world’s only uninhabited continent, to learn all they can about its icy environment. Here is every child’s chance to travel with a group of researchers on their half-year stay in Antarctica as they examine animals, plants, atmosphere, weather, and fossils.

Book Cover - Imagine!


Monsters were always one of my favourite themes when I was a primary school teacher. Over the years I explored myths and legends about monsters, collected and wrote poetry about them and helped kids to make all kinds of fantastic visual art about them, from Anubis to Zephyr. When I first looked at this book I wondered if it might have been inspired by the recent advertising campaign for a famous tech company, the one with the grandfather and the possible monster under the bed?