Oran Doyle

Book Cover - Bad Nana

Bad Nana: Older Not Wiser

7¾-year-old Jeanie is a quiet girl who finds being naughty ‘quite exhausting’. Luckily, Bad Nana more than makes up for this. She’s unlike Jeanie’s other grandmothers with her black dress, pointy black shoes and gigantic earrings ‘for a little bit of sparkle’. With no super powers other than maybe her ginormous handbag filled with rubber chickens, lemon sherbets and everything else besides, Bad Nana is ready to foil any authority figures attempting to leech the fun out of life.

Book Cover - The Legend of Kevin

The Legend of Kevin

Although the research is lacking, perhaps nothing can cheer up a reader like a roly-poly flying pony. Cute as a button and wonderfully huggable, Kevin is yet another fantastic creation by that amazing storytelling duo, writer Philip Reeve and artist Sarah McIntyre.