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A brief flick through this bright and beautiful book will quickly catch the attention of any young animal lover. From tiny beetles to massive whales, Jess McGeachin showcases how varied different creatures can be. There is no such thing as one type of frog and in fact, sixteen are illustrated to prove this point. It takes a skilled illustrator to show the subtle differences between more than a dozen kinds of penguins, and he does this deftly.

Declan Kirby GAA Star - European Dreams Cover Image

Declan Kirby, GAA Star: European Dreams

European Dreams is the fourth book in the Declan Kirby:GAA Star series. Declan is thrilled to be going to Spain with his team Smithgreen. They will participate in the GAA World Games and play against teams from around the globe. However, the excitement quickly sours when Sam the coach is injured. When an emergency coach is recruited, Declan has to prove himself and keep his place on the team.

Declan Kirby Over the Bar Cover Image

Declan Kirby, GAA Star: Over the Bar

Over the Bar is the third book in the Declan Kirby: GAA Star series and straight away, the author's passion for the GAA is obvious. A coach himself, Egan captures the excitement of the sport and the camaraderie of the players.

The Moon of Kyiv -book cover

The Moon of Kyiv

Originally published in Italy in March, The Moon of Kyiv was an immediate response to the crisis in Ukraine. Walker books have now released this version for Ireland and the UK, with all net profit donated to Save the Children fund.

Book Cover - Second Best Friend

Second Best Friend

Jade and Becky are the best of friends, until a nasty comment from her ex causes Jade to compare herself to Becky. Jade starts to realise how often she comes second to her best friend. When the two girls find themselves standing against each other in the school’s general election, is this Jade’s chance to finally come first? But at what cost?

Book Cover - Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Professor Astro Cat is back for another exciting adventure. This time he is embarking on a tour of the solar system with his friends. The reader is invited too, and Professor Astro Cat speaks directly to the child in big speech bubbles. Through advice and encouragement offered along the way, the reader is easily engaged.

Book Cover - What it’s Like to Be a Bird

What it’s Like to Be a Bird

Did you know that ravens like to sledge down snowy rooftops on their bellies? Or that partridges are able to outfox a fox? Or for how long a father penguin usually sits on an egg? You don’t have to be an ornithologist to enjoy What it’s Like to Be a Bird, and even if you are, there is still much more to discover about our feathered friends.

Book Cover - Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets

Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets

Search-And-Find Alphabet of Alphabets is an original and fun book, which will prove to be a hit with enquiring minds. If you’re tired of the usual alphabet books with a limited number of words for each letter, then this book is what you are looking for. Each letter is given its own alphabet with such examples as C for Creepy-Crawlies, H for Hats and Y is for Yellow Things. That means there are 26 fully-illustrated alphabets with 676 objects in total to find.

Book Cover - How the Borks Became

How the Borks Became

How do you explain a challenging concept like evolution to young children? That is the aim of this inventive and engaging book.

Book Cover - Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery

Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery

Yet another great book from Wide Eyed Editions, Spot the Mistake: Journeys of Discovery is a big, bright and welcome twist on the usual historical books. Ten famous explorations are detailed in the book, including Christopher Columbus’s journey to the New World, Marco Polo’s expedition to the East, and Armstrong and Aldrin’s trip to the moon.