Rachel Sneyd

Book Cover - Biographic Leonardo

Biographic Leonardo

It’s difficult to think of a historical figure better suited to an infographic biography than Leonardo da Vinci, whose very name brings to mind one iconic image after another. Instead of using text to recount a linear story, this book uses maps, timelines, pictures and charts to illuminate key moments in his career, as well as placing his lifestyle and achievements firmly within the context of Renaissance Italy.

Book Cover - Rescuing Titanic

Rescuing Titanic

On April 12th, 1912, the Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean. While the scale of the tragedy looms large in modern history, the loss of life would have been far greater if another ship had not arrived on the scene, risking her own passengers and crew to rescue more than 700 souls from the icy water. In this remarkable debut, writer-illustrator Flora Delargy tells the story of a group of ordinary people who became heroes in a time of crisis, celebrating the best of humanity while also sensitively acknowledging the heartbreak and suffering caused on that fateful night.

Book Cover - No Ordinary Joe

No Ordinary Joe

There’s a lot going on in Dan’s life – writing songs, finishing primary school, keeping an eye on the unworthy boy who’s making the moves on his sister Kit, and chasing after his younger brother, Joe, when he escapes from the house. Joe has special needs, and the whole family do their part to take care of him, keeping all of them happily busy. Until Kit and his parents go to Italy for a wedding, leaving Dan and Joe with their headstrong Granny, who doesn’t quite understand just how much work looking after Joe can be.

Book Cover - The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse

The Wolf, The Duck and the Mouse

Early one morning, a mouse meets a wolf, and he is promptly gobbled up. It seems as if our hero’s story has ended by page four, but luckily his adventures are only just beginning. In the wolf’s belly he meets a duck who has adapted splendidly to his cramped but cosy quarters. The mouse is soon living the high life with his new friend, enjoying elegant feasts and raging parties, but when a hunter targets the wolf, all three animals will have to work together to defend their symbiotic existence.

Book Cover - The Ash House

The Ash House

Cardboard Cowboys tells the story of Lenny Lambert, a troubled but kind-hearted boy in his first year of secondary school in Scotland. Lenny is having a hard time in school: his classmates make fun of him because of his weight and he is struggling with the absence of his brother, Frankie. His parents refuse to speak about Frankie, and Lenny feels intense guilt over the situation (which we are not told about for the majority of the book) and finds himself feeling increasingly isolated – from his school, his parents and Frankie himself.

Book Cover - Happyville High: Geek Tragedy

Happyville High: Geek Tragedy

Homeschooled Tyler’s idea of fun is using her dad’s lab equipment to build a proton laser. When her dad announces that they’re moving to Happyville, and she’ll be starting at a high school whose motto is ‘The more popular you are, the happier you become!’, Tyler suspects that she’s in for a bad time. Luckily, she meets super geniuses Ashley and Dylan.

Book Cover - Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones?

Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones?

When Birdie’s teacher tells her to complete an assignment titled ’Who Am I?’, she’s stuck; she’s not supposed to talk about her only friend, the mysterious Dogger, and her classmates will mock her if they discover that she spends all her free time with her Grandpa’s homing pigeons. Even worse, Birdie’s memories of her late mum are slipping away, and she doesn’t fit in with her dad’s new family well enough to claim them as her own. In order to explain who she ‘is’, Birdie realises that she must first investigate the secrets of her past.

Book Cover - Stories of the Night

Stories of the Night

Not quite ready to go to sleep, Little Bear asks Mother Bear for three bedtime stories, and because Little Bear says ‘please’ three times, Mother Bear agrees. She gets out her favourite story book and shares the tale of the Night Guardian, the adventure of the little girl with the sword who gets lost, and the saga of the man in the big coat who never sleeps. Soon Little Bear is ready to nod off, comforted by Mother Bear’s patience, and inspired to dream about these special characters.

Book Cover - Heartstopper Volume 1

Heartstopper (Volume 1)

Charlie is a shy drummer, trapped in a toxic relationship with an older boy. Nick is a rugby star who hangs out with the lads who used to bully Charlie. When they’re assigned seats beside each other in class, sparks unexpectedly fly, but both boys will have to break out of their social bubbles if they want their growing friendship to evolve into something more.

Book Cover - The Burning

The Burning

Anna and her mother move to a remote Scottish fishing village in the middle of the school year. She tells her new friends that they left England because her father died, but that doesn’t explain her lack of social media presence, or the fact that she changed her name. As Anna begins to investigate the history of a local girl named Maggie, who was burned as a witch, more of her own trauma is revealed. When Anna’s secret is outed and her classmates turn on her, the present begins to echo the past in terrifying ways.