Rhona Caffrey

Book Cover – Milly McCarthy and the Sports Day Shambles

Milly McCarthy and the Sports Day Shambles

Milly McCarthy loves her teacher, the always kind Múinteoir Emer, who shows endless patience with her unruly class. But when Milly’s class receives the terrible news that Múinteoir Emer must take some time off for a bunion removal, how will the class cope for five weeks with a substitute teacher? More importantly, how will the substitute teacher cope with Milly’s class?

Book Cover - Wonder-Vet


This book tells the fascinating story of remarkable Irish-born Aleen Cust. As a child, she loved being outdoors and caring for animals. Her grandmother, who was a writer, artist and an avid cat lover, shared her passion for animals. Aleen went on to become the first female veterinary student in Edinburgh in 1900. Although top of her class, as the only woman she was met with many challenges.

Book Cover - Lottie and the Stolen Pirate Ship

Lottie and the Stolen Pirate Ship

A sweet story of Lottie and her dog Biscuit, who live on Branksea Island and share many adventures playing with their friends Mia and Finn. These creative children love to use their imaginations playing pirates and mermaids on an old boat on the beach, until one day when they arrive at the beach to play the boat is gone.

Book Cover - The Most Irish Person

The Most Irish Person

This picture book is a joyous celebration of Irishness. We join Anna and Lucy as they journey across Ireland in search of the most Irish person in Ireland. On each spread, we meet a different child that is in the running for the competition. The competition is tough, and it isn’t easy to determine who will win!

Book Cover - Grimwood


Grimwood is a beautifully touching yet brilliantly silly comedy about family, friendship and home. Nancy and her little brother Ted are fox cubs who live in the Big City. When they find themselves in a spot of bother with the local cat gang leader Princess Buttons, they need to find somewhere safe to escape to. Luckily for them a super-duper rat with a map helps them out and they find themselves in a forest called Grimwood. It is an unusual but wonderful place and the inhabitants are ones you won’t easily forget!

Book Cover - Mummy!


Published by Nosy Crow in collaboration with the British Museum, Mummy! invites the reader on a journey around an ancient Egyptian village as a little girl looks for her mummy. Follow the little one as she searches behind baskets of fruits and among the reeds. She finds some interesting mummies and their babies, from cats to frogs, before finding her own mother. With each turn of the page, the young reader is introduced to hieroglyphics as well as ancient Egyptian objects. Can you spot a sphinx, some pyramids, or a hippopotamus?

Book Cover - Panda at the Door

Panda at the Door

The first in an illustrated series, Sarah Horne’s Panda at the Door is a delightfully entertaining book. It deals gently with parental disputes, sibling relationships, friendship and bullying, yet is still a humorous and exciting tale that keeps the reader captivated to the end.

Book Cover - Swapsies


‘The grass is not always greener on the other side’ seems to me to be the moral at the heart of this tale. Fang, a cute little pup, has a favourite toy sock. Fang thinks that Sock is simply amazing. That is until Fang’s friends come to play and he quickly changes his mind. Their toys seem far more exciting and alluring than Sock. What will happen when Fang suggests that they swap?

Book Cover - My Dreams

My Dreams

Xavier Deneux invites the reader on an imaginative night-time journey with a brave child. Follow the small boy as he flies through calm quiet skies, climbs up the spine of a dinosaur and travels over fish-filled seas before returning home again to dream some more. The whimsical words entice the reader to snuggle up and enter the adventure-filled dream.

Book Cover - Sticker Shape Create

Sticker Shape Create

Illustrator Thereza Rowe has created a beautifully bright and cheerful activity sticker book that inspires creativity. Children can create 29 scenes using over 1,500 stickers and are encouraged to add their own imaginative details using colouring pencils or pens. Each double-page spread provides step-by-step instructions to create the images and a background scene to complete.