Róisín O’Shea

The Zebra's Great Escape - book cover

The Zebra's Great Escape

The Zebra’s Great Escape is a story of the friendship that grows between Mink, a cheeky little girl, and her furry, feathered, and fanged friends. Their adventure is as tender as it is wild. Together they stand up to cruelty and show the courage you can gain when you care for someone.

Book cover - Gaia Goddess Of The Earth

Gaia: Goddess of the Earth

The story of Gaia is the story of how things came to be. Gaia made the delicately balanced world and mothered the confident gods. She struggles to protect the goodness of the world from the damaging arrogance of the Titans and Olympians. But even she is not perfect: she gets caught in her own frustration, makes mistakes, and causes harm when she had good intentions at heart. But more importantly, she learns from her mistakes, adapts and grows.