Ruth James

Book cover - Olaf Hajek's Fantastic Fruits

Olaf Hajek's Fantastic Fruits

The work of German illustrator Olaf Hajek bursts from the page full of stories and curiosities. His beautiful illustrations sing with colour reminiscent of the work of Frida Kahlo and it is these vibrant illustrations that are at the heart of this enchanting book. Not an obvious subject choice for a book for children aged 6 – 9, the fantastic fruit heroes of Olaf Hajek are brought to life through a combination of mystical tales and interesting facts.

Book Cover - Deep in the Forest: A Seek and Find Adventure

Deep in the Forest: A Seek and Find Adventure

Deep in the forest, there is so much to discover – a sleepy panda, a stretching monkey, a yawning bear, a singing cuckoo and more. As the reader is drawn deeper into the woods, they are taken on a journey to find fifty wonderfully drawn creatures, both familiar and less familiar. This story is also about the world in which these creatures live, the many faces of the deep forest, from the clearing to the treetops, to the water and dark underground below it.

Book Cover - Dreams for our Daughters

Dreams for our Daughters

The world is waiting just for you, ready for you to explore and find your place, in this mesmerising collaboration from Ruth Doyle and Ashling Lindsay. Dreams for Our Daughters calls on girls to become the leaders of the future, to aspire to anything they want and to find their place in a world that is waiting for them. With the empowerment of girls at its heart, it could so easily have fallen into the trap of being a book that you think you ‘should’ read rather than want to, but it is something else entirely.

Book Cover - The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy

The Peculiar Tale of the Tentacle Boy

In a town obsessed with fish, the only way to have some fun is to use your imagination, and Marina certainly knows how to do that. When this teller of tall and exciting tales discovers a boy with tentacles for hair and crab claws for hands living on a dark and haunted pier swaying dangerously in the rough seas, for once she doesn’t have to make something exciting up. Nothing is going to stop her from helping him to solve the mystery of his birth and the disappearance of his mysterious fisherman.

Book Cover - The Tiptoeing Tiger

The Tiptoeing Tiger

It is hard to be small and cute when you desperately want to be the sleek, silent and totally terrifying tiger you think you should be. Determined to find someone to frighten and to prove his big brother wrong, Little Tiger sets out through the forest. Yawned at and laughed at, he refuses to give up. Surely there has to be someone he can frighten?

Book Cover - The Clue is in the Poo (And Other Stuff Too)

The Clue is in the Poo (And Other Stuff Too)

The Clue is in the Poo is all about making factual things fun. From the intriguing title to the characterful animals that fill its pages, it is packed with fascinating, funny facts about the natural world that you can discover through the animal droppings, tracks and other traces that are left behind.

Book Cover - The Great Food Bank Heist

The Great Food Bank Heist

With its shining tins and seemingly endless exciting packets of food, Nelson thinks the food bank is the best kind of bank there is and looks forward to his family’s visit every Thursday. But something is wrong: the shelves are getting emptier each day and it quickly turns from a mystery to a desperate hunt to find and stop the thief. Nelson’s family and the families of his friends depend on it. People are going hungry, and he and his friends are determined to catch the thief and save their families.

Book Cover - Our Beautiful Game

Our Beautiful Game

Our Beautiful Game is the gripping story of Polly, a working-class girl determined
to play her beloved game of football. With the men away fighting in the trenches, she gets her chance. This is an extraordinary story of sheer determination, made all the more extraordinary by the fact that it is based on the real life of footballer Lily Parr who went on to score over nine hundred goals for her team, paving the way for the women’s football teams of today.

Book Cover - Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties

Little Badman and the Invasion of the Killer Aunties

Humza is determined he is going to make it big. With his sidekick, aka best friend Umer, by his side, how could he fail to realise his potential to become the greatest rapper Eggington has ever seen or heard? The problem is it’s hard to follow your path to greatness when it is blocked by a cricket-obsessed father and more interfering aunties that any child should be forced to endure.

Book Cover - Only One of Me: A Love Letter from Dad

Only One of Me: A Love Letter from Dad

As a parent, talking to your children about your terminal cancer diagnosis must be the hardest thing in the world. Faced with this awful situation, mum of two young children, Lisa Wells set out to write a love letter to her daughters. Joining forces with acclaimed children’s author Michelle Robinson and illustrator Tim Budget, what started as a personal letter to help her own daughters cope after her death, has become a guide for all parents and children faced with this heartbreaking situation.