Shakira Browne

Book Cover - Bees & Beetles - A Flip-Flap Book of Bugs

Bees & Beetles: A Flip-Flap Book of Bugs

Did you know that snails have thousands of teeth? Or that some spiders blow a bubble around their body so that they can swim underwater and hunt fish?

Book Cover - The Secret Life of Oceans

The Secret Life of Oceans

Dust off your snorkel and goggles and follow Tia the turtle as she takes us on a worldwide adventure across the ocean!

Book Cover - Fletcher and the Rockpool

Fletcher and the Rockpool

Prepare to have your heart stolen by Fletcher the fox. A day at the beach leads to a startling discovery: the rockpool – which is home to an array of Fletcher’s friends – is shrinking. The periwinkles and fish need help! Fletcher rushes to the rescue, scooping up buckets of water from the sea and racing back to the rockpool to save them. However, it is to no avail. Fletcher settles on saving a tiny crab by allowing him to live inside his bucket instead. Fletcher awakes the next morning to find that the rockpool has reappeared – just like magic!

Book Cover - Kate On The Case: The Call Of The Silver Wibbler

Kate On The Case: The Call Of The Silver Wibbler

Grab your binoculars and hop on board this jungle river cruise; Kate and Rupert are back with another case to solve, and they need your help! Ever heard of a bird called the Silver Wibbler? Well, after reading this book, you’ll know all about it…or will you? Join Kate and her trustee sidekick Rupert the mouse for their second adventure, trekking through the jungle, being led by the call of this mysterious bird. Will they be able to track it down in time?

Book Cover - Sticky McStickstick

Michael Rosen's Sticky McStickstick: The Friend Who Helped Me Walk Again

Rosen, a previous UK children’s laureate, relays his experience of rehabilitation after a Covid coma left him learning how to walk again. There is a profound sense of irony invoked by the fact that the book details an adult – not a child – learning how to walk, something that the toddlers and young children being read to will have a deep appreciation of.

Book Cover - Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece

Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece

Myths, Monsters and Mayhem in Ancient Greece delivers just that! Some of the oldest stories ever told, those of the ancient Greeks, are given new life in the comic format of this book – comic in both senses of the word. Woven with the same thread as Terry Deary’s Horrible Histories series, Davies’s retellings are engaging and fun with a large dollop of educational merit thrown in for good measure. Full-colour illustrations do their bit to encourage reluctant readers to give the book a go, and they are duly rewarded.

Book Cover - Hide and Seek City

Hide and Seek City

Hide and Seek City is the sophomore book from this French duo and carries along in a similar vein to their last endeavour, The Great Journey. It is everything we have come to expect from a Tate publication: that is to say, it is unexpected. The familiar lift-the-flap format is put into a tailspin by a reoccurring optical illusion that creates a similar hide and reveal effect.

Book Cover - A Hat for Mr Mountain

A Hat for Mr Mountain

A Hat For Mr Mountain is a whimsical little story about a mountain who longs for a hat to keep his head safe from the snow. Why? Because he is deathly afraid of it! It is the début picturebook from the South Korean winner of the Silent Book Prize at the 2019 Bologna Book Fair.

Book Cover - Mary Robinson: A Voice for Fairness

Mary Robinson: A Voice for Fairness

The much loved daddy-daughter duo that is John and Fatti Burke are back with a new book and they’re just as wonderful as you remember. This time in their Little Library series, the double act take on Mary Robinson: Ireland’s very first female president. The book casts a shining light on equality, as was the unifying thread in Robinson’s trademark egalitarian presidency.

Book Cover - Kaleidoscope of Creatures

Kaleidoscope of Creatures

This book explores the painting palette of nature: it takes the reader on an adventure through every colour of the rainbow and details how that colour applies to the animal kingdom. Take pink, for example – did you know that hippos make their own pink sunscreen to protect them from the sun? Or that, when excited, the Amazon river dolphin blushes pink? Of course you didn’t – you haven’t read this book yet!