Shannon Thackrah

Book Cover - Let's All Say Yes!

Let's All Say Yes

Sometimes a block might love a spot, and sometimes a spot might love another spot, and sometimes a block or a spot don’t feel they are a block or a spot at all! A fun, brightly illustrated and impactful book for younger readers. Brilliantly diverse messages portrayed in engaging visuals will allow parents to open a discussion around inclusivity with their children.

Book cover - This Tree Is Just For Me

This Tree Is Just For Me

This Tree is Just for Me is a beautifully told story about a young child seeking peace and quiet in a tree in his back garden to settle down with his book. At first, he wants to be alone with his book, so as many animals from snakes to monkeys look to share his company, he tells them ‘this tree is just for me.’

Book Cover - PANTemonium!


PANTemonium! is a quirky and eccentric story of a man on his way to go fishing. Our main character accidentally snags something on the end of his rod – his underpants!