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Hair - book cover

Hair: From Moptops to Mohicans, Afros to Cornrows

Did you know that humans can have up to 150,000 hair strands on our heads; that about 300 years ago women would have such elaborate hairstyles that they would sleep while sitting up, to not ruin their towered hairstyles; that hair is made of a kind of substance that is also found in our nails? Katja Spitzer’s new book is filled with many such interesting anecdotes and stories on the cultural history of hair from around the world.

Book cover - The River

The River

With the global pandemic initiating discussions about adult mental health, Percival draws attention to the growing need to focus on children’s mental health. Children feel a sea of emotion which can often go undetected. Rowan realises that the river was just like him; it could be light and playful, wild and angry, and even slow and sad.

Book Cover - My Dad is a Grizzly Bear

My Dad is a Grizzly Bear

What happens when you have a grizzly bear for a dad? You get lots of furry scritches, wet sloppy kisses and never have enough honey to eat – but you do get the biggest and the warmest bear hugs to make up for that. The young narrator in Haddow and Adeola’s picturebook has quite an interesting life with a grizzly bear dad who catches fish with his teeth, runs faster than a bus, climbs tall trees and has the loudest growls.

Book Cover - Brand New Boy

Brand New Boy

The students at the Darwin Avenue Primary Academy are excited to welcome the brand-new boy, George, in Mr Sage’s class. George, however, appears to be a tad different – he has a strange look in his eyes and always has adults watching over him. Particularly Miss Crystal, who is constantly observing and making notes. Why is Miss Crystal spying on him? Maxie likes to believe that all kids are aliens – is George one of them?