Susan Maxwell

Book Cover - Magicalia


Bitsy intends to be an investigative journalist like her late mother, but living in the middle of nowhere there is little to offer, that is until her astrophysicist father is kidnapped by an intruder with a purple Hamstoceros. In the wreckage of her home, Bitsy and her friend Kosh find a hidden room, mysterious objects, and a letter that lets Bitsy into a secret about herself that she should already have known …

Book Cover - Nowhere Island

Nowhere Island

Gil bolts for freedom on his way to another foster-placement. When his backpack is stolen, with his treasured photograph and his hag-stone, his pursuit of the thief brings him to an island dividing the motorway, and to the ramshackle home of three other runaways. Riley and Grayson escaped an abusive parent, and with Junk, the dog, steal supplies. They tell Gil about another inhabitant, already established. Pez ran away from a cult, bringing with her stolen seeds, experience of self-sufficiency, and a conviction that isolation and silence are safer than human company.

Mouse Heart Cover Image

Mouse Heart

Set on a ship-theatre, docked in a gloriously stinking, tatterdemalion alt-Bristol, Mouse Heart is the tale of a theatre-orphan turning detective to save her friend from the gallows and the fictional Queen Anne II from assassination.

Book Cover - The Fairy Hill

The Fairy Hill

This atmospheric adventure draws on the folk belief that fairies swap children for changelings. Anna is visiting her divorced father on her grandmother’s farm in Sligo to get to know his new partner and their son, Jack. Anna discovers that the stones of a fairy fort lie where her father is planning to plough and, through her great-aunt Lily, learns that the sídhe will take revenge.

Book Cover - The Magic of Endings

The Magic of Endings

When Jojo Locke’s father disappeared, he did not just disappear from the world, but also from the memories of his family. On his annual holiday to his father’s childhood home by the sea, Jojo is collared by the Sandman and the buccaneering ‘Aunt’ Pen to be the one to undo an act of magic that has had devastating consequences. Jojo is being tested; there is no safety or reassurance in the magical events to which Pen exposes him, because only his courage and his resolve will get him (and his doomed, flatulent dog) through the final confrontation in Elfhaeme.

Book Cover - The Fox's Tower

The Fox's Tower

Willow’s father, Silas, is abducted by a gigantic wolf-shaped shadow. With help from Silas’s raven friend, Willow meets three wolves who bring her to the Tower. Her father was taken by Reynard, architect of the Tower as a place for foxes to live together and manipulator of strong golem-like magic. Now Reynard needs more magic, from ‘where the past is kept’, and when Silas refuses to help, Reynard turns to Willow.

Aarti and the Blue Gods Cover Image

Aarti and the Blue Gods

Aarti and Aunt live in a state of anxious self-sufficiency on Aunt’s Scottish island. Aunt apparently rescued orphaned Aarti, and took her to safety away from ‘a world full of bad, cruel things.’

Book Cover - Nura and the Immortal Palace

Nura and the Immortal Palace

Nura has spent most of her life mining mica, dreaming of finding the Dragon’s Tongue treasure. When the mine collapses, she falls into the colourful world of the jinn, where she and her fellow miners find themselves trapped in the Sijj Palace hotel. Nura has three days to get them out before they lose their memories and are tied by the soul to the palace for eternity.

Book Cover - The Secret Wild

The Secret Wild

On her reluctant way from the Amazon rainforest – leaving her botanist parents – to London, Fern accidentally steals a plant from a very glamourous botanist. Once in London, the tiny plant, now named Special, starts to grow. And communicate. And the charming botanist, with a very ambitious plan, starts looking for Special.

Book Cover - The Rewilders

The Rewilders

This story brings Scotland’s ambitious rewilding plans to a more domestic scale, with the Highlands as the setting for rattling adventures involving lynx, wolves and a very dangerous animal – a greedy human.