Victoire Lemaire

Book Cover - The Wild

The Wild

‘Once upon a time, somewhere not far away, was The Wild …’ is how this modern fairytale starts. In this picture book, the ‘Wild’, a leafy and magnificent creature is a symbol for our planet, Earth. As the pages unfold, the reader follows the changing relationship between mankind and the Wild, starting with mutual respect and harmony to, as time goes by, disregard and decay.

Book Cover - Island of Whispers

Island of Whispers

Milo finds himself in a very perilous situation when he suddenly inherits his father’s trade as the Ferryman of the island of Merlank, tasked with the heavy responsibility of transporting the souls of the dead to their final resting place on the Island of Broken Tower. Left to their own devices roaming the island, the restless ghosts would kill the inhabitants with a single stare.

Book Cover - Paws, Claws, Tails & Roars

Paws, Claws, Tails & Roars: Brian Wildsmith's Animal Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what a group of leopards is called? What about parrots, or seahorses? Clearly organizsed into three categories - wild animals, birds and fishes - this anthology of the animal world will make young readers' experts in the collective nouns of each of the species featured. Each spread is accompanied by a short lyrical text, giving the opportunity to pause and admire the true showstopper of this book: Wildsmith’s mesmerizing illustrations.

The Magic of the Ballet - book cover

The Magic of the Ballet: Seven Classic Stories

In this collection of stories, author Vivian French retells seven classic ballet stories: from the renowned Nutcracker and Swan Lake to perhaps lesser-known Coppélia, each retelling weaves an immersive tale from the many re-interpretations each ballet has known, while also trying to remain as close as possible to their originals. The ballets are all also accompanied by introductory pages explaining their origins and featuring anecdotes about the composers, choreographers or dancers who made them famous.

The Horse, the stars and the road - book cover

The Horse, the Stars and the Road

It’s show and tell at school, and every student is excited to introduce their friends to their favourite object from home. Well, everyone except Sonny, who isn’t really sure he has anything that interesting to bring to class. It is only in the horse-drawn wagon with his uncle Jim, on the way to the horse fair, that Sonny realizes the wealth of traditions in his community: from ancestral tin-smithing knowledge passed down through generations, to the beautiful stories shared around the fire camp while looking at the intricate patterns of constellations.

Book Cover - Skyward (The Story of Female Pilots in WWII)

Skyward (The Story of Female Pilots in WWII)

Hazel has been raised in San Francisco, Marlene, in the English countryside and Lilya spent her childhood in a small town in Russia. Separated by thousands of kilometers, those three young women have a passion in common: planes, and the sense of freedom that flying allows. Not easy if you were born at a time when the sky was reserved to male pilots and explorers! But none of the female protagonists in this empowering and informative work of creative non-fiction give up on their dreams.

Book Cover - Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

Suffragette: The Battle For Equality

At the occasion of the centenary of women’s vote in the United Kingdom, David Robert’s prose and illustrations come together beautifully in a tribute to the women and men who participated in the struggle. Starting in 1832 with the first Great People’s Reform Act, Suffragette records chronologically the important events leading up to Universal Suffrage.

Book Cover - The Surface Breaks

The Surface Breaks

Louise O’Neill’s reimagining of the Little Mermaid goes past the fairytale filter most of us have inherited from the 1990s cartoon and restores the original grit (and sometimes downright sinister touch) of Andersen’s original tale.

Book Cover - Treasure Hunt House

Treasure Hunt House

On a sunny Tuesday in October, a brother and a sister receive a mysterious letter by their great-aunt Martha: an invitation to visit her. However, upon arriving at the house, Martha is not there. Instead, the children are led by the housekeeper in a treasure hunt that takes them throughout the house.

Book Cover - Captain Rosalie

Captain Rosalie

Ever since her father left for the war, Rosalie is on a mission. Sitting at the back of a classroom of older boys she has been exceptionally allowed in, the five-year-old is focusing on the blackboard, trying to teach herself how to read. Letters are the only tie she has left to her father, and when those suddenly stop arriving, Captain Rosalie, is even more set on her goal.