Victoire Lemaire

Book Cover - Adnan, The Boy Who Helped his Mummy Remember

Adnan, The Boy Who Helped his Mummy Remember

Adnan’s mum does not remember; in this new place they now live in, she has retreated into a shell where the memories of the life they had to flee, too painful, are best pushed aside. Full of resourcefulness and creativity, Adnan sets on his own mission to bring his mother back to him. Cardboard boxes become a model of his grandparents’ house that they visited every Sunday and cut out paper stars remind them of the perilous journey they had to make to reach their new home. Bit by bit, memory by memory, Adnan builds up hope for the pair’s future in their new surroundings.

Cover - Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

In the small hours of the first morning in their new homes, a boy and his mother are tucked in bed and take turn sharing memories of the past: the smell of grandad’s oil lamp, a bicycle received as a birthday gift, or a picnic in the field with dad. Now that it’s just the two of them, maybe this first morning in the new flat can become one of these memories that they will look back fondly upon.

Book Cover - The Wild

The Wild

‘Once upon a time, somewhere not far away, was The Wild …’ is how this modern fairytale starts. In this picture book, the ‘Wild’, a leafy and magnificent creature is a symbol for our planet, Earth. As the pages unfold, the reader follows the changing relationship between mankind and the Wild, starting with mutual respect and harmony to, as time goes by, disregard and decay.

Book Cover - Island of Whispers

Island of Whispers

Milo finds himself in a very perilous situation when he suddenly inherits his father’s trade as the Ferryman of the island of Merlank, tasked with the heavy responsibility of transporting the souls of the dead to their final resting place on the Island of Broken Tower. Left to their own devices roaming the island, the restless ghosts would kill the inhabitants with a single stare.

Book Cover - Paws, Claws, Tails & Roars

Paws, Claws, Tails & Roars: Brian Wildsmith's Animal Kingdom

Have you ever wondered what a group of leopards is called? What about parrots, or seahorses? Clearly organizsed into three categories - wild animals, birds and fishes - this anthology of the animal world will make young readers' experts in the collective nouns of each of the species featured. Each spread is accompanied by a short lyrical text, giving the opportunity to pause and admire the true showstopper of this book: Wildsmith’s mesmerizing illustrations.

Cover - Pea Pod Lullaby

Pea Pod Lullaby

Fleeing from war, a mother, a child, a baby, and their dog set on a long and arduous journey with only a small boat to protect them from the dangerous waves. Before long, they come upon a polar bear, who also has lost its home and finds shelter along with them on their fragile raft. Throughout their voyage, the passengers take comfort in being together.

Book Cover - Art and Joy - Best Friends Forever

Art and Joy: Best Friends Forever

Art and Joy have been best friends since the day they met, and their favourite pastime is to create things together. Their imagination knows no boundaries, and they are quick to transform some plain card boxes into a whole parade … That is, until an unwelcome guest comes to spoil their fun! With the art bully whispering into Art’s ear that their creations are silly or weird, Art starts worrying and loses their creative inspiration. Suddenly, Joy is nowhere to be found, and grey pages replace the colourful spreads of the book.

Book Cover - Namaste is a Greeting

Namaste is a Greeting

Many things are contained within the simple word ‘namaste’, and the young girl at the heart of this picturebook showcases just a few of them. As she goes through her day – going to the marketplace with her mother – she utters the word to say hello to her neighbour or her fellow bus passenger, uses the gesture to give thanks, to refocus on her thoughts, to console herself or give comfort to those around her. Behind every small moment, every encounter, namaste is a simple gesture with a resounding message of kindness that the heroine spreads around her.

The Magic of the Ballet - book cover

The Magic of the Ballet: Seven Classic Stories

In this collection of stories, author Vivian French retells seven classic ballet stories: from the renowned Nutcracker and Swan Lake to perhaps lesser-known Coppélia, each retelling weaves an immersive tale from the many re-interpretations each ballet has known, while also trying to remain as close as possible to their originals. The ballets are all also accompanied by introductory pages explaining their origins and featuring anecdotes about the composers, choreographers or dancers who made them famous.

The Horse, the stars and the road - book cover

The Horse, the Stars and the Road

It’s show and tell at school, and every student is excited to introduce their friends to their favourite object from home. Well, everyone except Sonny, who isn’t really sure he has anything that interesting to bring to class. It is only in the horse-drawn wagon with his uncle Jim, on the way to the horse fair, that Sonny realizes the wealth of traditions in his community: from ancestral tin-smithing knowledge passed down through generations, to the beautiful stories shared around the fire camp while looking at the intricate patterns of constellations.