Zoe Forde

Book Cover - Sisters of the Lost Marsh

Sisters of the Lost Marsh

In Hollow-in-the-Marsh, a village where reading and writing are frowned upon, we meet six sisters whose futures are being shaped by fear and superstition. Life is full of hard work for Willa, Grace and Freya and their three younger sisters. All six live in fear of their obsessively superstitious father, and with their mother gone, their futures seem hopeless.

The Great Fox Illusion Cover Image

The Great Fox Illusion

The Great Fox, a world famous magician, disappears without a trace and without an heir to leave his legacy and fortune to. By his instruction, a TV competition will determine which young magician will inherit the secrets to his tricks.

Book Cover - Dark Wood Dark Water

Dark Wood Dark Water

Callaghan’s début novel delves into the supernatural goings on in the Irish town of Bailey. The story follows three teenagers Josh, Kate and Gabe who each lose a loved one to the water. Forming an unlikely alliance with historian Naylor, they work together to uncover the centuries-old evil in their hometown.

Book Cover - Brilliant Ideas by Wonderful Women

Brilliant Ideas by Wonderful Women

Did you know that a woman invented the board game Monopoly? How about the submarine periscope? Lopez’s illustrated non-fiction book shines a light on 15 women and their incredible inventions. While all these famous inventions are still in use today, many of the women who created them have been forgotten throughout history.

Cover Book - The Boy Who Met a Whale

The Boy Who Met a Whale

Worlds collide in this seafaring adventure when Razi finds a boy called Zheng washed up on the shore following a shipwreck.

Razi and his sister Shifa are recovering from the recent loss of their father at sea. Together, the three team up using Zheng’s treasure map to find the Captain’s hidden treasure and restore the Dagger of Serendib to its rightful home. However, they’re not the only ones looking for the treasure and they need to outwit the other treasure seekers in their quest.

Book Cover - Can We Talk About Consent?

Can We Talk About Consent?

Consent has been a hot topic for a number of years now, often highlighted as an issue missing from school curriculums. This illustrated book aims to tackle the topic for young people in an easy-to- understand way, mixing humour and serious subject matter in short and witty digestible chunks.

Book Cover - Swan Song

Swan Song

Dylan has just been expelled from school for poor behaviour, having acted out ever since he started high school. His mum moves them to a small village in Wales to stay with his estranged grandad. Locally, his grandad is known as the Swan Man, spending his time out on the water tracking the local swans.