Sheena Wilkinson, Reading Patron at Trinity Comprehensive, Ballymun

Friday 21st November saw the launch of the Reading Patron initiative at the JCSP Library at Trinity Comprehensive Ballymun. Librarian Joe Kelly has cemented a very successful friendship between the school and author Sheena Wilkinson by having her come on board as the school inaugural Reading Patron for a two year term. Over the course of the two years Sheena will be occassionally visiting the school, blogging about their endevours, judging creative writing competitions, sharing new ideas, interacting with pupils, parents and teachers and generally supporting reading for pleasure throughout the school.

The idea comes from the UK ‘Patron of Reading‘ initative and, as far as Trinity Comprehensive know, Sheena is the first Reading Patron in an Irish school! Best of luck to all the pupils and teachers as well as Sheena Wilkinson!