Legacy giving

Reading has the power to change lives. By leaving a legacy in your will, you can support Children's Books Ireland and the work we are doing to ensure that every child has a chance to develop a love of reading.

Photo of three toddlers with books

Your legacy can help turn the page for the future: what leaving a legacy to Children's Books Ireland would achieve

Children's Books Ireland champions every child's right to discover and develop a love of reading. We know that there are many children who do not have access to books at home, or do not have a culture of reading in the home. There are families where literacy or language issues may prevent a parent or guardian from nurturing a love of reading in a child. We choose to focus not just on promoting reading in families, but also on encouraging a positive culture around reading for enjoyment in schools, and working to overcome barriers that keep children and young people from accessing excellent books which will excite them, spark their imaginations and unlock the myriad benefits and pleasures of reading.

Leaving a legacy to Children's Books Ireland is a lasting investment in the right of every child and young person in Ireland to experience the joy of reading, irrespective of background. A legacy can provide the tools for families, teachers, librarians and booksellers to connect young readers with books they will love. We will guide these adults to nurture children and young people's reading and connect them with high-quality books from birth throughout their childhoods and into their teenage years.

A legacy would also pave the way for us to secure the future of Irish children's literature by supporting illustrators, authors, poets, translators, publishers and storytellers. It can create opportunities for these artists so that they can have fulfilling careers, and so that young readers in Ireland can experience the richness and diversity of contemporary Irish society and culture expressed.