Fairy tales, myths and legends


Eachtra Dlúthchara

Sa chúigiú leabhar sa tsraith Dialann Dúradáin, leanaimid Greg Heffley arís. Ach an uair seo, scéal taobh istigh de scéal atá ann, agus tá an scéal seo scríofa ag Rowley Jefferson le moltaí cabhracha (agus moltaí nach bhfuil cabhrach ar chor ar bith) ó Greg Heffley. Buaileann muid le Rowland agus a dhlúthchara Garg. Téann said ó áit go háit i mbun eachtraíochta fíorghreannmhara chun mátháir Rowland a shábháil ón nGruagach Geal. Tá an leabhar chomh barrúil agus spraíúil sin go mbeifeá ag rachtaíl gáire!

Witchstorm Cover Image


Inspired by author and illustrator Tim Tilly’s childhood, spent roaming in what he refers to as a “ghost forest” in Braunstone, Witchstorm follows Will, a Fenland boy. After his mother disappears while on the hunt for a lost witch treasure, the appearance of another witch who arrives in the eye of a storm turns Will’s world upside down.

Mountainfell Cover Image


Erskin has always felt different from the other villagers in her coastal village of Lofotby. She and her family are regarded with suspicion, living as they do so close to the sinister magical Mountainfell that looms over their home. When strange tremors wake the terrifying cloud dragon, who then snatches Erskin’s sister, Birgit, Erskin’s world shatters. She has no choice but to trek to the cloud dragon’s home in the peaks of Mountainfell to rescue Birgit. But Mountainfell’s magic is wild and dangerous. How can little Erskin possibly survive?

No Place for Monsters Cover Image

No Place for Monsters

The little town of Cowslip Grove seems to be safe and orderly, full of neat gardens and tidy streets. That is, until two mismatched friends, Levi and Kat, discover a dark and terrifying secret beneath the surface: children are going missing, and nobody even realises it. Everyone—their family, their teachers, their friends—has forgotten they even existed!

The Book of Secrets Cover Image

The Book of Secrets

Alex Dunne has created a sense of mystery and suspense in her debut novel, The Book of Secrets. Her descriptive language paints a clear picture of the town of Clonbridge, which comes alive at night when the fairies seamlessly drift into town to prepare for a celebration which coincides with Halloween. Then, night turns to day and with daylight the reader is cast back into the human world where we are introduced to the main character, Cat.

Legendarium Cover Image


This action-packed sequel to Jennifer Bell’s Wonderscape jumps feet first into a swirling portal and straight into the action from the very first chapter. The heroes, three young friends and their shape-shifting robot dog, get sucked into a computer-game adventure that’s unfolding in the real-world future of 2493, where they find themselves in a race against time to get back home.


Cuairt san Nioclás

Clasaic mhór na Nollag ar fáil i gcló i nGaeilge den chéad uair. Leabhar gleoite amach is amach atá anseo, é maisithe go healaíonta lándaite le léaráidí Willcox Smith (ó 1912) agus clúdach láidir crua air. Níl aon chlúdach deannaigh leis, rud atá an-oiriúnach le leabhar mar é; bheinn ag súil leis go bpacáilfear suas é le cuid de na maisiúcháin Nollag le tarraingt amach ó bhliain go bliain. Níltear ag iarraidh an forchlúdach a stróiceadh!

Monster Island Cover Image

Monster Island

Following a family tragedy, Sam Shipwright is sent to live with her grandad on Draymur Isle, an island as cold as the people who inhabit it. While Sam tries her best to adjust to her new life - ignoring her classmates’ jabs about her mad grandad, trying to keep Myrtle, her chaotic pet goat, from eating her shoes, and avoiding the relentlessly cruel Major Chase - she also has to learn to accept a terrifying truth.

Darby O'Gill and the Good People Cover Image

Darby O'Gill and the Good People

This book is a newly edition edition of six stories written by Herminie Templeton Kavanagh in the early 1900s, produced by children’s literature scholar Brian McManus.

And Everything Will Be Glad To See You Cover Images

And Everything Will Be Glad To See You: Poems by Women and Girls

This is an inspiring collection of poetry, gorgeously illustrated and presented. The cloth bound cover promises magic within, and the book delivers on every page. Editor Ella Risabridger’s introduction sets the tone and both it and the conclusion are thought provoking and beautiful. They whisper gently about acceptance of all our different ways of being, about stepping into our own power and what it means to be alive in this time.