Feelings and emotions

Book Cover - Sam and Jump

Sam and Jump

Sam and his stuffed bunny, Jump, are best friends and they do everything together. After a trip to the beach they make a new friend, but Jump is accidentally left behind. Will Sam ever see Jump again? What could have happened to him?

Author-illustrator Jennifer K. Mann takes a heart-warming approach to friendship in Sam and Jump, subtly touching on issues such as loyalty and responsibility, but above all, she beautifully deals with the very real anguish of losing a special toy.

Book Cover - Today I Feel… An Alphabet of Feelings

Today I Feel… An Alphabet of Feelings

The concept of an alphabet of emotions is a good one. The books ends by asking the reader how they feel today, sending one back into re-reading the text and making some decisions. I can envisage this being a useful way to start discussions about emotions, particularly powerful ones, although the author/illustrator seems to largely steer clear of those. There is, for instance, no A for angry, merely G for grumpy. Powerful emotions are real for all of us, including children. Showing a limited range could suggest a kind of definition of the child as lesser.

Book Cover - When I Coloured in the World

When I Coloured in the World

Ahmadi’s picturebook empowers a child to make changes in an imperfect world with the tools at hand. The narrator uses her crayons to address how she would make the ‘bad’ things in the world better.

Book Cover - A Tiger Named Lee

A Tiger Named Lee

This is a lovely book with a simple message about fear of trying new things or meeting new people that would resonate with all children. Young tiger Lee is afraid to leave the safety of his tree for fear of the possible scary creatures on the forest floor. His Mam is kind and patient and doesn’t push him into facing his fears until an accident happens, forcing him to face his fears and discover the wonders of his world. The central message is that most people, or in this case animals, are nice and kind and that often it is our imagination that creates fears and dangers.

Book Cover - Oliver’s Lollipop

Oliver’s Lollipop

Oliver and his family are heading to the zoo and because it is his birthday, Oliver gets a gigantic rainbow lollipop just before they go in. While his parents and little brother are enjoying the visit and the animals, Oliver is daydreaming about the delicious taste of his treat – after all, he thinks, the lollipop is the most dazzling thing in the whole zoo until … it is suddenly gone, before he could even take a lick.

Book Cover - A Song in the Mist

A Song in the Mist

A tender and calming tale of overcoming inhibitions and learning to trust people as well as yourself. When unexpected music on the breeze breaks the stillness and piques Chi’s curiosity, she finds herself being led in a positive direction. A Song in the Mist is a true masterpiece and unforgettable in its potent simplicity.

Book Cover - Alive Again

Alive Again

Like many good picturebooks, Alive Again by Ahmadreza Ahmadi can be read on many levels. On the one hand, it is a reassuring story about the cycle of life told in a straightforward manner. It encourages us to put our trust in nature and to believe that things can be reborn: the wheat dies but then the rain comes and the wheat grows again. The world renews itself.

Book Cover - I Am: A Book About Feelings

I Am: A Book About Feelings

Picturebooks can be a wonderful tool for helping little people put into words the emotions they’re experiencing. In Alice Melvin’s latest board book for very young children, this is exactly what is achieved. From the ‘excitement’ of the opening page to the ‘tiredness’ at the last, the range of emotions explored is characteristic of almost every toddler who will share this book with their parents or carers.

Book Cover - You're Crushing It!

You're Crushing It!

Sometimes life is exactly what we want it to be and everything seems perfect. But at other times we feel like everything is out of our control, everything from our emotions to our friends’ behaviour to the way the world itself is being run. This is where YouTube influencer Lex Croucher’s new book steps in to tell young people the truth – this is completely normal, and everyone feels this way.

Book Cover - Izzy and Frank

Izzy and Frank

Everything in Izzy’s world is just as it should be. She lives in a lighthouse with no sharp corners on a perfect island with her friend, Frank the seagull. They play special games in all weathers on ‘bluesky-sunny days’ and ‘gray-storm-rainy days’. And there are days where they do nothing but ‘count sand’. Her world is balanced, beautiful and safe. But one day, inexplicably, she has to move away. And instead of the glorious seascapes and dramatic night skies, Izzy finds herself in a big busy city with rules, regulations and other people.