History and historical fiction

Mouse Heart Cover Image

Mouse Heart

Set on a ship-theatre, docked in a gloriously stinking, tatterdemalion alt-Bristol, Mouse Heart is the tale of a theatre-orphan turning detective to save her friend from the gallows and the fictional Queen Anne II from assassination.

A Recipe for Trouble Cover Image

A Recipe for Trouble

Introducing Alice Éclair, aged thirteen, the newest spy extraordinaire. By day, she is a talented and creative pastry chef in her mother’s renowned Parisian patisserie constructing delicious and intricate confections. At night, she transforms into a cunning and quick-witted spy, ready to undertake even the most difficult assignment. Inveigling her way onto the glamorous Sapphire Express train, Alice’s task is to single out who amongst the eclectic group of passengers is the double agent before the train reaches its destination.


Na Mairbh a D'fhill

Foilsíodh an leabhar seo ar dtús sa bhliain 1943, tráth ar chuir muintir na tíre aithne ar an mbleachtaire iomráiteach Réics Carló den chéad uair. Scéal bleachtaireachta amach is amach is ea é seo le tréithe den bhficsean eolaíochta chomh maith.


Asterix agus Coróin Labhrais Chaesair

Is leabhar grafach é seo, maisithe go híontach agus lán le dathanna agus fuinneamh. Sa tsraith leabhar seo tá Asterix agus a chairde ina gcónaí sa Ghaill (sean Fhrainc) san am atá thart agus tá an scéal seo leagtha amach san aimsir stairiúil sin. Sa leabhar seo, téann Asterix agus a chara Obelix ar cuairt chuig an Róimh le coróin labhrais Chaesair a aimsiú. Ar an mbealach tarlaíonn eachtraí éagsúla don bheirt agus insítear na scéalta seo sa leabhar. Léirítear an scéal tríd na pictúirí agus trí labhairt na gcarachtar agus cabhraíonn na pictúirí go mór leis an ngreann atá le fáil sa leabhar.


Eachtra ar Oileán na Rún

Is úrscéal eachtraíochta do dhaoine óga é seo a thaitneoidh le léitheoirí óga atá ag lorg scéal lán de mhistéir, de bhleachtaireacht agus d’aicsean.

Battle of Cable Street Cover Image

The Battle of Cable Street

In this short but excellent novel we follow Elsie, a young Jewish girl growing up during the 1930s in Stepney, London. Elsie and her brother Mikey live in a primarily Jewish area, although there are some Irish immigrants also. The two spend much of their childhood playing games with their friends, including Nathan, whose spectacular imagination shrouds them in worlds of their own making. However, with the rise of Oswald Mosley and the British Union of Fascists, their world of make-believe soon begins to disappear as antisemitism rises and friendships fall apart.

Baby Love Cover Image

Baby Love

It's 1960. During an afternoon at the Lido, fourteen-year-old Laura meets French exchange student, Léon. After a confusing, fumbling experience in a darkened changing room, Laura’s life will never be the same. First her moods change, then her body. Soon, she realises that there’s a baby in her tummy – and she doesn’t understand why.

The Magic of the Ballet - book cover

The Magic of the Ballet: Seven Classic Stories

In this collection of stories, author Vivian French retells seven classic ballet stories: from the renowned Nutcracker and Swan Lake to perhaps lesser-known Coppélia, each retelling weaves an immersive tale from the many re-interpretations each ballet has known, while also trying to remain as close as possible to their originals. The ballets are all also accompanied by introductory pages explaining their origins and featuring anecdotes about the composers, choreographers or dancers who made them famous.

Jim's Spectacular Christmas - book cover

Jim's Spectacular Christmas

This is the story of Jim, a scruffy, smelly dog with one rheumy eye. Jim works at the Victoria and Albert Museum with his owner, Sir Henry Cole, the founding director of the museum. Thompson weaves facts with a fictional account of Cole’s Christmas card endeavour in this delightfully funny tale.