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Pride Reading Guide 2022

Building on the Rainbow Reads reading list produced with An Post, our Pride Reading Guide contains 100 stories celebrating LGBTQIA+ inclusive stories for young readers aged 0–18.

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Kisses for Jet: A Coming-of-Gender Story

Kisses for Jet is a graphic novel set in the Netherlands in 1999. Jet, sixteen, is sent to live in a boarding house when their parents move abroad to (mysteriously) take care of the Millennium Bug.

Book cover - We Are The Rainbow! The Colours Of Pride

We Are The Rainbow! The Colours Of Pride

We Are the Rainbow! is a thoughtful, warm, and engaging board book discussing the values attached to the colours of the Pride flag as they relate to children anywhere on spectrums of identity including orientation, gender, race, and ability. The language is simple, and runs with a constant undercurrent that the reader is an important and special individual, full of potential to make the world a kind and beautiful place to live.

Book Cover - Release


In the acknowledgements of this stunning work, arguably the most important and impressive gay teenage novel ever published in Britain, Patrick Ness cites two influences: Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway and Judy Blume’s Forever. He utilises the structure of the former and Blume’s empathetic frankness, making both very much his own. The novel is also informed, perhaps, by elements of authorial experience: Adam Thorn, like his creator, is a gay American from an evangelical background.

Book Cover - Fresh


Elliot McHugh is a young woman just starting out in college. This novel is about her freshman year, and the struggles she has, both academically and with her personal relationships. This book is fast paced, often funny, written in colloquial and informal language. Elliot is a bisexual girl, living with a diagnosis of ADHD, and her college life is rather chaotic and eventful.

Book Cover - Flying Tips for Flightless Birds

Flying Tips for Flightless Birds

Set in Northern Ireland, Kelly McCaughrain’s début novel is a charming and quirky love story with important things to say about identity and belonging. Finch ‘Franconi’ Sullivan, along with his twin sister Birdie, is half of the star trapeze act in his parents’ circus. When he’s not in the air, Finch is either being bullied or trying to avoid making friends with Hector, the clumsy new boy in school who trades maths tutoring for juggling lessons.

CBI Free To Be Me Reading Guide cover image 2021

Free To Be Me reading guide 2021

Published in 2021, this themed reading guide highlights books that celebrate diversity, representation and inclusion for children and young people aged 0–18. The Free to Be Me reading guide promotes equity and visibility of diverse stories in both school and public libraries, bookshops and shelves in the home. Every child has the right to be free to be themselves.

Book Cover - The Pirate Mums

The Pirate Mums

Poor Billy wishes his family were a little more ordinary. His two mums – Mama and Mummy – are a bold, shanty-singing duo longing for adventure on the high seas! They are thrilled when the opportunity arises to set sail with their son on a class trip to the seaside ... but an embarrassed young Billy isn’t so sure.

Book Cover - Final Draft

Final Draft

Meet Laila Piedra, a straight-laced student with a love for reading, watching and more particularly writing sci-fi. When her favourite teacher and number one writing fan, Mr. Madison, is hurt in a car accident, Laila starts to look at her writing differently. She has a new-found feeling of lived experience that affects what goes into her stories.

Book Cover - Skylarks


Karen Gregory’s Skylarks is a new take on an old story. The well-worn formula of an unexpected romance between two teenagers from very different worlds is reinterpreted when Joni meets Annabell. Skylark is romantic without veering to the sentimental, a love story between two girls that resists over-emphasising the significance of the same-sex coupling. The drama unfolds through light humour, witty dialogue and well described scenes.