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The Horror of Dunwick Farm Cover Image

The Horror of Dunwick Farm

Our story opens with friends Krish, Pete, and Nancy attempting to focus on a biology lesson when an unusual incident disrupts their class and sets off a chain of events that catapult our protagonists to the epicentre of a gripping adventure. Hopping onto their bikes, and speeding through the sleepy village of Crooked Oak, our three heroes are about to become embroiled in a mystery worthy of their favourite website, the Mystery Shed, a source for strange and unexplained events. Faced with a daunting task of utmost importance, the young detectives must get to work!

Book cover - Built by Animals

Built By Animals: Meet The Creatures Who Inspire Our Homes And Cities

If you enjoyed the Blue Peter Award shortlisted Invented by Animals you will love its sequel about the animals who inspire our homes and cities. This time author Christiane Dorion has teamed up with illustrator Yeji Yun to produce a colourful, witty and fact-filled book that informs and entertains. It teaches in a gentle way and makes the information easy to absorb.

Book cover - World of Food

World of Food

A book about food that contains only one recipe! All those culinary delights and no washing up! The World of Food lifts a lid on everything that can be eaten and digested. From what we eat to where it comes from, this well researched and interesting book will enchant and educate all gastronomes, historians, and budding chefs.

Book Cover - Because of an Acorn

Because of an Acorn

The cycle of nature is beautifully and imaginatively traced from an acorn to a tree, to a forest, and a lot more in between in this attractive information picturebook. The process is shown in clear images with a minimum of words, and readers will find reason to pause at each page and look closely at what has happened.

Book Cover - Remarkable Creatures: A Guide to Some of Ireland’s Disappearing Animals

Remarkable Creatures: A Guide to Some of Ireland’s Disappearing Animals

Remarkable Creatures is a visually stunning and informative guidebook that teaches young readers about the endangered creatures of Ireland and suggests actions they can take to help protect them. Arranged in a scrapbook style, the book takes a multi-faceted approach to teaching, with vibrant illustrations, bite-sized facts, and a variety of activities included to help readers become active players in the conservation of creatures such as the Great Yellow Bumblebee, and the Barn Owl.

Book Cover - When I Coloured in the World

When I Coloured in the World

Ahmadi’s picturebook empowers a child to make changes in an imperfect world with the tools at hand. The narrator uses her crayons to address how she would make the ‘bad’ things in the world better.

Book Cover - The Last Seaweed Pie

The Last Seaweed Pie

The Treeple love making things. It’s not the only thing they love – they’re also fans of papaya pies and climbing with lemurs – but making things is what they love the most. They ‘make and mould, sew and saw, bag and tap’. Look at those happy, productive people – surely it’s the way to go? Not like those Seaple, who live underwater and are like the Treeple in many ways – they build things and they make pies of their own (seaweed). But their absolute favourite thing is to ‘watch nature’.

Book Cover - Polly Pecorino

Polly Pecorino

In this beautifully crafted story, we meet a brave and kind girl, Polly Pecorino, who is a constant rescuer of small animals. She lives in a small town called Abbeville and goes about her daily life in the usual way. Though Polly is depicted as an ordinary schoolgirl, there is something unusual about this extraordinary girl – she can talk to animals – and only her Uncle Stan and parents know about her gift. And so, the story unfolds.

Book Cover - What We'll Build: Plans For Our Future Together

What We'll Build: Plans For Our Future Together

You know you’re in safe hands when Oliver Jeffers tells a story. It’s not just because he’s an international award winner. It’s because Jeffers only tells a story if he has something important to say. And most often, just one point to make. Clearly. Simply. With very spare prose, delivered in his delightful trademark handwriting. And with deceptively uncomplicated images. But in What We’ll Build, the message runs deep.

Book Cover - Everybody’s Welcome

Everybody’s Welcome

Written in rhythmic rhyme, this warm tale is being marketed unnecessarily at the politically aware parent. The links to a political unease or a refugee crisis are not going to appeal to children, but this lovely book, with its sense of community and busy, productive animals, will.