Book Cover - Black & Irish: Legends, Trailblazers and Everyday Heroes

Black & Irish: Legends, Trailblazers and Everyday Heroes

The first collection of its kind, Black & Irish is an exciting non-fiction book that celebrates many iconic Black Irish people and their achievements. With actors, writers, fashion influencers, doctors, activists, musicians, sports stars, academics, and many more, this book acts as a tribute to several inspirational figures of all ages.

Cover Reading Matters Reading Guide

Reading Matters reading guide

Published in September 2023, 'Reading Matters' sees the return of the 'best of the year' format to our annual reading guide. 

Book Cover - The Boy Who Started Celtic

The Boy Who Started Celtic

This picturebook tells the true story of Andrew Kerins from Ballymote in County Sligo, who later became known as Brother Walfrid. As a boy, Andrew did not realise the journey he was starting when he sold a calf and took the boat to Scotland in 1855 at the age of 15.

Legendarium Cover Image


This action-packed sequel to Jennifer Bell’s Wonderscape jumps feet first into a swirling portal and straight into the action from the very first chapter. The heroes, three young friends and their shape-shifting robot dog, get sucked into a computer-game adventure that’s unfolding in the real-world future of 2493, where they find themselves in a race against time to get back home.

Declan Kirby GAA Star - European Dreams Cover Image

Declan Kirby, GAA Star: European Dreams

European Dreams is the fourth book in the Declan Kirby:GAA Star series. Declan is thrilled to be going to Spain with his team Smithgreen. They will participate in the GAA World Games and play against teams from around the globe. However, the excitement quickly sours when Sam the coach is injured. When an emergency coach is recruited, Declan has to prove himself and keep his place on the team.

Declan Kirby Over the Bar Cover Image

Declan Kirby, GAA Star: Over the Bar

Over the Bar is the third book in the Declan Kirby: GAA Star series and straight away, the author's passion for the GAA is obvious. A coach himself, Egan captures the excitement of the sport and the camaraderie of the players.

All Together Now Cover Image

All Together Now

The Dick, Kerr girls are back and ready for another round! This time, we follow the life of Martha, younger sister to Hettie and Freddie. When Martha is invited to join the Dick, Kerr Ladies Football team for training, she can hardly believe her luck. But soon the pressure of living up to their expectations creeps up on her, and she questions herself and her abilities. The local boys are treating her differently, and life at home is becoming more complicated. Growing up is proving to be more difficult than she could have ever imagined.

Book Cover - Kick


Based in Indonesia, this book from new voice Mitch Johnson explores the gritty world of child labour, poverty and corruption through the eyes of 12-year-old Budi. Mad about football, Budi dreams of being an international football star. These dreams and his devotion to Real Madrid and its star player Kieran Wakefield sustain him in his tough world. The factory where Budi and other children labour for long hours in untenable conditions is harsh and unsympathetic, while his impoverished home life and lack of treatment for his haemophilia provide little relief.

CBI Book List: Sport cover image


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Book Cover - Happyville High: Geek Tragedy

Happyville High: Geek Tragedy

Homeschooled Tyler’s idea of fun is using her dad’s lab equipment to build a proton laser. When her dad announces that they’re moving to Happyville, and she’ll be starting at a high school whose motto is ‘The more popular you are, the happier you become!’, Tyler suspects that she’s in for a bad time. Luckily, she meets super geniuses Ashley and Dylan.