Our publications

Our suite of publications are varied and are designed to meet the needs of our different audiences. Our flagship publication, Inis magazine, is an outward looking publication for adults that documents both projects and events within the organisation through articles but also highlights people and achievements outside of our own programmes. Our various reading guides and themed reading lists are designed for a more targeted audience looking for age appropriate titles or those on specific topics. We also produce some publications that are designed specifically for young readers to enjoy.

Inis magazine

Inis magazine is the only publication of its kind in Ireland – a magazine solely devoted to children's books and the wider world of literature for young people. We print three issues annually in January, April and July, each containing forty-eight reviews of current or upcoming titles and cover artwork from a contemporary Irish illustrator. Feature articles cover artist interviews, project spotlights and wider developments in the industry. Over two hundred book reviews from the Inis team are also uploaded to our website each year.

Reading guides

Every year in in September, we produce a reading guide highlighting hundreds of new books for readers aged 0–18. Reviews are in English and as Gaeilge, with Irish titles marked by a shamrock. Each guide includes a specialised non-fiction and poetry section.

Previously centred on a theme such as accessible texts (Picture This), diversity and inclusion (Free To Be Me), mental health (Mind Yourself) or female empowerment (BOLD GIRLS), the 2023 reading guide, Reading Matters, brings together the best books published this year for young readers.

Print copies of these guides can be purchased from our online shop, while the digital versions are free to download.

Themed reading lists

Alongside our annual guide, we also produce themed reading lists throughout the year which focus on specific themes, topics or challenges that affect children's and young people lives. These reading lists are digital-only, and can be downloaded for free from our website.

Ideas and activity packs

Helping young readers to engage with great books at home and in school, our free resources are filled with activities to encourage creativity. All of these are can be downloaded from the 'Resources and ideas' section of our website.

Publisher partnerships

To support publishers in their collaboration with Children's Books Ireland, our team have created a resource pack outlining our publications and review process, alongside opportunities for promotion through book-gifting, media and social media. To view and download this document, follow the link below.