About our reading guides and reading lists

Children's Books Ireland produces an annual reading guide detailing the best books of the year for readers aged 0–18. Alongside this annual guide we produce themed reading guides and reading lists which focus on specific themes and topics that affect the lives of children and young people. Our reading guides and lists are designed to connect young readers with the right books for them and with stories they will love.

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Annual reading guides

The team that produces the annual reading guide comprises an overall editor, nine section editors (covering Ages 0–2, 2–4, 5–8, 9–11, 12–14, Young Adult, Non-fiction, Poetry and Irish language), a volunteer reviewer team and a wider production team including proof-readers and a designer. The annual reading guide is an A5 booklet featuring upwards of 350 reviews. Each edition is printed in Ireland, distributed to our members, available in participating libraries and bookshops nationwide during September or available for purchase in our online shop. A copy of the guide is sent to every school in the republic of Ireland and distributed to schools in the north of Ireland through strategic partners. The covers showcase specially-commissioned artwork by Irish artists and reviews of Irish artists and publications are notated with a shamrock.

Themed reading lists and guides

Children's Books Ireland also produces themed reading lists and guides on specific topics that we feel need special attention. These cover a variety of topics such as: difficult subjects (including grief, illness and body confidence); useful collections especially for schools or reading groups (such as historical fiction, mystery or rhyme and verse); celebrations or causes (including Rainbow Reads; Going Green; Together with Refugees and Seachtain na Gaeilge) and lists to encourage those who may be more reluctant readers (such as short reads, graphic novels, sports and funny books). These lists and guides are an invaluable resources, particularly for teachers and schools, and are free to download. The themed guides are often accompanied by a resource pack of activities and discussion plans to encourage deeper engagement with the featured books. Irish artists and publications are notated with a shamrock.

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Our archive of reading guides and themed reading lists can be found here