World Book Day Recommendations!

*This post is dated March 13th, 2012*


Fanfare please!!! We hereby present the winning entries to our World Book Day 2012 competition!

In honour of World Book Day, which took place on March 1st, we asked you to recommend your favourite book and tell us why you liked it. We received loads of fantastic entries, so thank you to everyone who took part. Huge congratulations are due to our winner, Ronan O’Donoghue-Galvin, and to all the runners-up, whose excellent recommendations you can read below.

We must say, we are very impressed with the range of books you’ve all been reading! Our winners have recommended all sorts of titles, from classic novels and picture books to books from new writers, an encyclopedia and even a book all about tractors! There’s something for everyone here, so read on…

Overall Winner:

Ronan O’Donoghue-Galvin, age 11

Beast Quest, by Adam Blade

I enjoyed reading Beast Quest as it shows great friendship between Tom & his best friend Elenna. Tom’s dad vanished when he was young and Elenna’s parents died. They both found eachother and went on an adventure to free the kingdom of evil. They are both best friends & I think the book shows how important friendship is. They both love animals, Tom has a stallion as a friend & Elenna has a wolf. I love animals too, I have 2 dogs. I don’t have a best friend but I would love one like Tom so we could both go on mystery adventures together.


Stephen Colwell, age 7

The Incredible Book-Eating Boy, by Oliver Jeffers

It is about a boy who gets really smart from eating lots of books, then what happens is he gets a sore tummy and mixes up everything in his brain, so there are adults who tell him to stop this eating of books so he does and he starts to read them instead and he gets really really clever from reading, and now instead of eating books he eats broccoli and he reads books but he still took a bite out of the back of my book. We just got a new library in our school too.


Lisa Furlong and son, age 4

Penguin, by Polly Dunbar

I am writing this on behalf of my 4 year old son who is in junior infants, he picked this book from the school book fair last year, now i will ask him to tell me why its his fav at the moment, and type what he says, :) ‘It’s my favourite book because it’s funny, and because Penguin bit Lion on the nose very hard so he could get Ben out, and Penguin said everything at the end and didn’t say anything at the start. It makes me laugh, that’s why I like it.


Suzanne Gormley and son, age 4

Children’s Encyclopedia of Knowledge

The Children’s Encyclopedia of Knowledge by Parragon Books (2010) has become my favourite book since my then 4 year old son begged me to buy it because of the cool moving picture of a venus flytrap on the cover. I thought it would be too advanced for him but he has proven me wrong. He regularly requests it as his bedtime “story” and we’ve read it cover to cover several times. Packed full of interesting information, great pictures and funny fact, it has opened up the world of learning to my son. What a gift for life!


Ellen Keogh, age 5

The Gruffalo, by Julia Donaldson

My nanny and grandad gave me this for Christmas. I love it so much. The pictures are really colourful. The whole book rhymes and it is really funny. I have just started reading and can now read in my head and out loud. My teacher thinks I am really good. I read this at night myself and my mam is really proud. I like the way the mouse tricks the animals that could eat him and then he finds out that the Gruffalo is real, with the wart on his nose, his spikes and his black tongue. He is also really clever and tricks the Gruffalo so he won’t eat him either. It is so funny and I could read it forever.


Safia Griffin-Offord, age 5

Winnie the Pooh, by A.A. Milne

My dad went on the bridge that Winnie the Pooh played pooh sticks on when he was a boy and he went into the Hundred Acre Forest too. I think Winnie the Pooh is a hundred now. I love when my daddy reads it to me because there is loads of stories in it and it’s very interesting and my dad used to have this book when he was a kid too.


Rachel Regan, age 6

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle

I love this book because I love the way the caterpillar eats through the pages when he is eating his food. I love the colours and the way the pages are different. My mammy bought me this book and daddy reads it using very funny voices and when we go into the garden daddy always shows me the caterpilllar and we talk about the hungry caterpillar when we see them on the cabbage in the garden and we hope they won’t eat the cabbage.


Kyle Higgins, age 8

Peter Pan, by J.M. Barrie

Peter Pan is my favourite book becuase it shows that in our imagination we can be anybody we choose and nothing is impossible when you use your imagination. It helps make the world a less scary place and sometimes when I am sad I will pretend that I am somewhere else in my head. I love books and I am only beginning to learn to read as I was in a normal school but I was finding it very hard so in September I started in a special school and I love it as I have more attention and can learn at my own pace. I hope to read Peter Pan on my own some day as my mother usually reads it for me now.


Ellen McCullough, age 12

Jedward: Our Story, by Jedward

My Favourite book is Jedward Our Story because it is jepicly jedtastick! I loved reading about the twins’ lives as kids and all the funny jepic lives before stardom! My favourite part was reading about how they managed to knock their brother, Kevin, down a well!!


Orlaith Barry, age 12

The Real Rebecca, by Anna Carey

My favourite book is ‘The Real Rebecca ‘ by Anna Carey because it is very amusing and very realistic. I think I definitely could imagine myself in the character’s shoes. The book is all about a girl called Rebecca whose mum writes a book for teenagers and everyone thinks the main carachter is based on Rebecca and so she is really embarassed. I know all about being embarassed by parents whether it is my father’s singsongs or my mother’s are you alrights I can definitely relate to Rebecca.


James Donlon, age 12

John Deere Two Cylinder Tractors

My favourite book is John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractors because it is full of history about John Deere himself and the tractors he made. It is also about how John Deere has become one of the great names in the farm equipment business and how the tractor itself has evolved during the ages. And that is why it is my favourite book!