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A Day Thats Ours - book cover

A Day That's Ours

“Shall we steal a day?” So begins this beautiful, warm ode to childhood and the emotions that come with children growing up. Our unnamed father and child steal a day away from the normal rush, spending time together making a messy breakfast, walking together in the park and catching falling leaves. Their quiet calm is contrasted against the busy, rushing people in cars and on bikes.

Book cover - The Comet

The Comet

Todd-Stanton’s picturebook shows the impact on a child’s life when uprooted from the home they love. A father and his little girl, Nyla, leave their home by the sea for a new life in the city. The comet becomes the imaginative link between Nyla’s old and new life with landscape and sky featuring heavily.

Book Cover - Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound

Safe & Sound is a sweet bedtime picturebook in which the reader is presented with a wide variety of baby animals who are kept safe by their respective grown-ups in all sorts of different environments: chipmunks live underground, anteaters ride on their mothers’ backs, kangaroo joeys need a comfy pouch and crocodile hatchlings hide inside their mother’s mouth.

Book Cover - Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Professor Astro Cat’s Solar System

Professor Astro Cat is back for another exciting adventure. This time he is embarking on a tour of the solar system with his friends. The reader is invited too, and Professor Astro Cat speaks directly to the child in big speech bubbles. Through advice and encouragement offered along the way, the reader is easily engaged.

Book Cover - Jumble Wood

Jumble Wood

Emotions can be big things for little children, and this gentle book seeks to make sense of them through a simple tale about Pod. This little creature finds that unlike the others around her she can’t quite grasp what would make her happy. What follows is a search for the ‘hard-to-find thing’ called joy. Pod’s big lesson is that happiness is not substantial but relational, and that the journey itself brings satisfaction in its wake via the friends made along the way.

Book Cover - Skyward (The Story of Female Pilots in WWII)

Skyward (The Story of Female Pilots in WWII)

Hazel has been raised in San Francisco, Marlene, in the English countryside and Lilya spent her childhood in a small town in Russia. Separated by thousands of kilometers, those three young women have a passion in common: planes, and the sense of freedom that flying allows. Not easy if you were born at a time when the sky was reserved to male pilots and explorers! But none of the female protagonists in this empowering and informative work of creative non-fiction give up on their dreams.

Book Cover - Mountains of the World

Mountains of the World

How are mountains made? Does the Yeti exist? Who is the world’s most famous mountaineer? Get ready for the answers to these and many more questions in Dieter Braun’s stylish celebration of the world’s mountains. From the Alps to the Andes, Everest to Uluru, this comprehensive exploration of some of the highest places on Earth, the animals who inhabit them and the people impacted by them, is a real treasure.

Book Cover - Ancient Wonders

Ancient Wonders

No one knows who decided on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But centuries of historians, poets and philosophers have written thrilling accounts of their magnificence which have left us yearning to know more about their great mysteries. How was the Great Pyramid at Giza constructed? Did the mystical Hanging Gardens of Babylon actually exist? What became of the enormous Colossus of Rhodes? Learn the stories behind these and many more amazing structures in Ancient Wonders.

Book Cover - A Mouse Called Julian

A Mouse Called Julian

Julian is what you could call a creature of habits, or be precise, a mouse of habits! From his little crawl spot, far from the dangerous outside world and away from all the other underground inhabitants, he lives a peaceful and well-ordered life. That is, until a fox decides to have Julian for dinner… Yet, when the fox’s plans go awry, an unlikely friendship is struck between the hunter and his prey.

Book Cover - Tales from the Hidden Valley: Under the Water

Tales from the Hidden Valley: Under the Water

Having brought his readers through autumn, winter and spring in the Hidden Valley, illustrator and writer Carles Porta now presents us with a story about summer, as all our old friends return for another instalment in this inventive and charming series of modern-day folktales. Told with a distinctive style that resonates within the idea of oral performance and reading aloud, Porta delights again with a midsummer mystery of heady proportions as the excitement of the annual Dragon’s Day festivities approaches.