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Book Cover - I'll Believe You When...

I’ll Believe You When…: Unbelievable Idioms from Around the World

Cheerfully illustrated and thoughtfully diverse, this playful picturebook explores the concept of idioms through examples from around the world. Beginning in the UK, we begin with the phrase ‘when pigs fly’. The frequently absurd idioms are delightful. Hairy frogs, toothy chickens, dancing cows and whistling lobsters feature as we encounter examples from Spain, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Russian and more.

Book Cover - Escape


Escape is a beautifully haunting picturebook that illustrates the plight
of individuals forced to flee their homes and families because of socio-cultural upheaval. Ming and Wah Chen tell twelve stories that document the movement of people, spanning Syria to Greece, Austria to China, Scotland to France, Kiribati
to New Zealand, and many more. These stories allow for historical and geographical perspectives but reinforce positive outcomes. Ming and Wah cleverly use action verbs as chapter headings to signify the experiences of the individuals. In the opening page of the picturebook,

Book Cover - A Story About Afiya

A Story About Afiya

Afiya’s story centres around her wonderful white dress that takes on the colours of the natural world as she passes through, tapping into her emotional life, creating happy memories for her. For older children, the story could be a catalyst for reflective discussion. The notion of the world leaving its imprint on the memory and on the soul is an appealing one for children in the middle and upper age groups of primary school.

Book Cover - You're Snug With Me

You're Snug With Me

Soundar and Mistry have created another beautiful book to follow You’re Safe with Me. In the far north, Mama Polar Bear gives birth to two cubs. Like toddlers everywhere, they are filled with wonder, bursting with questions about their world. As Mama patiently answers their interrogations, they learn that their frozen paradise might be threatened. For example, she tells them that they will never go hungry – as long as the ice stays frozen.

Book Cover - Peace and Me

Peace and Me

This is a beautiful and timely book. Although aimed at the eight to ten age group, it will appeal to much younger children also, because of El Fathi’s beautiful illustrations.

Book Cover - Sleep Well, Siba and Saba

Sleep Well, Siba and Saba

Part bedtime book, part cultural journey, Sleep Well, Siba and Saba is a simple and touching story poem. Set in Uganda, it is the tale of two sisters who routinely lose their personal belongings but who never ‘lose each other’. Through lilting rhythms and lyrical phrasing, Nansubuga Nagadya Isdahl lifts the lid on two young lives, with their longings and dreams, with their loving family and with a surprise ending which is sure to touch the heart.