Amanda Dunne Fulmer

Book Cover - Germs


A throbbing red tonsil, vivid green waterfalls of snot and a dramatically expelled sneeze make it very apparent from the outset that when Devolle says germs, he means germs!

That's My Flower

That's My Flower!

This colourful collaboration from Hemming and Slater is emphatically full of the joys of spring! Squirrel pops their little red head out of their home to be greeted by sunshine and the welcome sight of new leaves and is startled by the fly-by of a returning swallow. Their friend Bird explains that the buzzing and cuckooing are further confirmation that springtime has arrived, and reassures Squirrel that this is very good news.

Book Cover - If I Were the World

If I Were the World

Mark Sperring’s rhyming eco-plea on behalf of our planet captures the reader’s attention from the first colourful spread of pages. The vibrant illustrations provided by Natelle Quek are stunning, even when depicting the ugliness of pollution and mass littering. Her representation of ethnically diverse children enhances the narrative, visually underscoring the global nature of the issue and, of course, the solution.

Book cover - A Bear’s Guide To Beekeeping

A Bear’s Guide To Beekeeping

Boldly declaring itself ‘The Only Book You Will Need to Become an Expert Beekeeper’ from the outset, this witty and engaging guide to beekeeping for bears has instant appeal. As any worthwhile guide should, it begins with Bear, our aspiring beekeeper, wielding this essential manual to find those crucial bees.

Hetty and the battle of the books - book cover

Hetty and the Battle of the Books

Hetty isn’t the only person in her school who loves the library but when you’ve fallen out with your friends, it’s not just a special place, it’s a safe place. Under the kindly wing of Mrs. Juster, the librarian, it’s the best kind of library; where all book-loving students can gather and a social hub for clubs to meet. The bookish bliss is disrupted by the awful news that funding for the library has been cut and the library will be closed. Hetty can’t let this happen but she knows she isn’t the kind of student that Principal McCarthy will listen to, so she needs the right kind of help.

Book cover - Action Dude

Action Dude

First name Action. Second name Dude. The hero (who most definitely does not answer to Charlie) that lives for danger, specifically non-spider-related danger! While he might fumble a minor errand or dodge chores, when the robotic inhabitants of the local theme park – Prehistoric Land – go berserk, he’s the nine-year-old for the job.